Stray Souls

Peter A

Active Member
Dec 23, 2019
OK. This is pretty bad, but the good-bad if you know what I mean. I played it recently and found it was moderately pleasant. :giggle:

It's all very Silent Hill-ish. You basically play a guy who finds out his late grandmother was part of a cult, and he inherits her house, getting settled in before his 18th birthday the next day. Gee, that sounds so familiar, yes? Then the guy soon meets his sister who lives across the street, so you go and drive out to a graveyard to investigate a tragedy in the family. But they get split up for a while.

This is where it gets funny. You use a golden gun in this nearby forest like you're James Bond, shooting these monsters that just come out of nowhere. You can run away... but it's kind of pointless to try that. The creatures are fast and soon reach you anyway. There's puzzles to solve and notes to read for any hints, with occasional boss battles. Oh, and the town called Aspen Falls is shrouded in fog. Again, it's kind of obvious as to what famous franchise they took their inspiration from. ;)

There's even shades of Resident Evil as well. Kinda. You go to a police station to find something, and the combat is janky. But I think the story is decent, and it's a good wee low budget acquirement in the genre.


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