What is this TV/film scene?

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
So there's a scene where a woman is trying to give birth, but there's a problem and the baby will need to be cut out, even though it might kill the mother. Then there's a scene in the future where the mother isn't present because she presumably died giving birth.

No, it's not from The House of the Dragon, but it's similar. Not sure if it's fantasy as well, though. Any suggestions?
I believe that scenes of difficult birth (occasionally ending in a Caesarian birth for the child and death for the mother) do come up fairly often in film and literature. It's a naturally dramatic situation. I am surprised that you aren't getting any responses, since I imagine many movies and television shows would fit your description.

But the only film I can remember seeing it in is Restoration. An excellent film, by the way, but since it takes place in the time of Charles II (not surprising considering the title) I don't imagine it has much resemblance to The House of the Dragon, and so is unlikely to be the one you are looking for. But I mention it on the very small chance that it might be the right one.
It's called a "Caesarean" because that is supposedly how Julius Caesar was born, and his mother died in the birth. So, is it a historical ancient Roman epic film that you are looking for?

I have no idea myself, but it might be: Caesar the Conqueror (1962), The Giants of Rome (1964), Julius Caesar (1950) or Julius Caesar (1953) among many others.