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Jan 2, 2008
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So the website is which I've been using for a bit over a year now. (Was especially helpful for my reading splurge on elephants last year.) They started up a couple of years back and have authors' reviews - as in people who write book (and read of course) making recommendations, which is a bit different. This year for the first time they've asked the authors who've written reviews if they'd like to pick the three best books they've read in 2023. Not that were first published in 2023 - can include any publication date.
Results are here:

You can use all sorts of filters - age, whether published in 2023, different genre, fiction or non-fiction, which brings up different answers. These are accounts of why people love the books, rather than strict reviews. The website is a work in progress (you can read about what they've done and what their roadmap is on the For Authors version of the website off the links).
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