National Novel Writing Month Group?


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Aug 9, 2023
Anyone else doing it? Anyone interested in support and encouragement?
ColGray, my ami, we already have writing groups. Are you planning on starting one? If so, what do you have to offer. What would be its mission and/or goal?
Nano is different from other groups as it focuses on a challenging amount of words in a short period and has a big peer support vibe.

Anyhow no, never will I do Nano
Where's the group!?

My goal for a NaNoWriMo group would simply be support and accountability to each other.
Here is a list of writing groups from Google.

I'm sure you'll find something here. Be sure you search the whole page.
Here is a list of writing groups from Google.

I'm sure you'll find something here. Be sure you search the whole page.
But they’re not here, and they’re not for NanoWrim - I think @ColGray wanted to start one here. I think it would be a good addition to the Chrons
I'm gonna try and do it but with limited goals because quite a lot on.

I think we once had a Chrons facebook group for peeps doing NNWM that worked quite well... but we could always just do a thread.
I remembered there being a long thread, but it was actually from 2010, thirteen years ago!

TBH, I think a thread would do the job just fine!

I'm writing longhand, so I won't know my word-count 'til I type it up at the weekend. I picked the stupidest of my possible novel ideas, and it seems to be working. Not expecting to win first time, though.
Check in after three days:
5 chapters
7,297 words

Really enjoying it.
I got 1260 words done on the first day, but yesterday real life intervened and I did nothing. Which will probably be the same again. Writing 952 words on the blog probably don't help either...
As of today, I've scraped together just 864 words at odd moments during the day. (Plus another 826 I'm not counting because I jumped the gun a bit!) No real plans for the weekend yet, so that might be good. I've written half the first chapter and sketched out the events of the second half.

[edit] I was supposed have the same username for NaNoWriMo as here. There are two different ways to spell "fibreglass", and I used the other one. That's going to get annoying.
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Week Two (ish) check in.

17,070 words.

Much harder writing this week than last as it wasn't pure <magical finger waving> Creaaaaation, but now I had characters and a plot line that needed to be pushed and explored. I realized Wednesday evening that I either needed to rejigger chapters I'd written to slow burn the Act 1 Climax or accept that the Act 1 climax occurred with minimal complication and minimal stakes: basically, Act 1's inciting incident is the main character finally understanding there's magic within the magical cozy inn run by her aunt and uncle.

In the interest of word count, I pushed onward and wrote the chapters I'll insert earlier without going back and refactoring things yet. I'm probably 2500 words from the end of Act 1 and have some rough ideas for Act 2.

Trying really hard to keep my stakes meaningful and personal and not save the town/world/universe

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