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Jan 2, 2008
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So, in a "thing" we did recently, we were given a choice of freebies. None really appealed or seemed of much use, with Disney+ being the nearest to something we might actually use. Tried to register last night and discovered all the hidden glories like references to Smart TV (not got one). Or using the Disney App. Or how I can watch stuff on my Android. I am NOT watching long programmes on a teeny weeny screen with teeny weeny speakers.

So has anyone used Disney+ with
Cinnamon Linux

We'd decided to give up on the idea of using our freebie, but seeing talk elsewhere on here about Loki on Disney+ revived it - or at least to the point of asking for help from someone who has done it.
Not what you asked, but before smart TVs we bought a smart DVD player that allows you to get online and stream things like Netflix. Do you have one of those to try?

Otherwise, there is usually PC app to download. We've watched stuff from our PC by jacking the screen output into the TV directly.
I'm not really the one to ask about technology, but you used also to be able to buy a Dongle for NOW TV that plugged into older TVs*. We have one that would still work, though it isn't required any longer with our current set up (BT box). I'm not sure if you can buy a Dongle for Disney+ or not (I expect probably not) but that might be cheaper than a smart DVD player.

*While this doesn't require a Smart TV, this would still require a TV with a USB socket. The smart DVD would need a HMDI socket.

We've watched stuff from our PC by jacking the screen output into the TV directly.
That's exactly how I watch BBC iPlayer on the upstairs TVs.
We don't have a Smart anything, except the Android phone which is tiny screen etc.
Instead of a DVD player, we have a PC with MythTv installed in it, which is direct feed to the TV. So if we can download it to a MythTV installation, or make their App run on a MythTV (Linux based) installation, that would sort it, but no idea how to do that as not exactly one of the options Disney+ offer up front.
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