Full fibre broadband installation

Danny McG

Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
I mentioned in another thread that I was thinking about getting this product, I finally got it installed mid week and I've been assessing it since then.

The first thing the engineer did was remove the phone line that went to my house from the telephone pole. (I haven't had an actual house phone for a long time - this line was just used for my old broadband)
He then replaced it with a fibre optic cable, this ended in a little grey box outside and a similar one on the inside where the cable came through the wall, this intrigues me, there are 3 small green lights on top of it, one flashes sometimes but I have no idea why.

He then changed my router for a larger but much slimmer one - enter new password and we're up and running.
My first tasks were putting the new wi-fi passwords into 5 mobile phones, 3 tablets, one laptop, 2 Xboxes and 4 televisions (I'd never realised how much tech stuff we had until then!)

Improvements we've noticed:-

,it's very much faster at downloading, like triple the old speed.
No buffering when a few devices are in use at once.
Instant loading when turning on set top boxes.
Excellent signal strength all around the house, one bedroom, that's a good distance from the router point, was a poor signal but now it's very good.
I tried outside as well...we have our patio table quite close to the house because my wife likes sitting out in summer while being on Facebook and it was spotty reception - I can get almost to the end of the back garden now before signal is lost. So now the big table etc has been moved ready for next year.

Final advantage - I'm no longer paying monthly line rental so my broadband bill has dropped by about 25%.