Playing Old Itunes Music

Toby Frost

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Jan 22, 2008
I've got an old PC with a load of itunes music on it. Back in the days, I would often come back from the pub and buy a few songs for 50p each, and now there's quite a few of them. I'd like to put them onto some kind of cheap player and get some use out of them, as the PC is too ancient to be much good.

Does anyone know what would be good for this? Do I just need an MP3 player?

I feel ancient
Me too!

I still play iTunes on my laptop most days. I am right now. Although I don't buy tunes, I still upload them from second hand CDs (remember CDs?) I had to buy a portable CD/DVD player to continue to do that.

I still use my iPod sometimes too, but the battery won't hold charge for very long so only works if plugged in. The new car won't support it but I still have a dock that will, and that works in the garden on a lead (remember before BlueTooth?)

The problem is that you'd need to be careful that the MP3 player you buy will play all the files you have stored. As well as MP3 files, there are MPEG-4 audio files (.m4a) and others too, files that Apple prefered. If you bought them from Amazon then they'll be MP3 and you'll be okay.

I would have suggested you buy a second hand iPod but with the battery issues they have, and them not being supported by new devices, then probably not.

BTW I still have an iPod Nano that I won back in the early noughties. It isn't 1st Generation otherwise it would be worth a great deal of money. I think it's about 5th Generation. The Nano is useless really as it only holds about 50 songs, whereas the iPod proper will hold about 3,300.