Cdrama Love between fairy and devil review! (Spoiler) Available in netflix


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Aug 2, 2009
Binge watched this in two days, and was at a loss now that it is over!
I had never cried or laughed, watching any show before because I know shows are not real but this show made me laughed and cried so much. That is how good it is for me!
My mother thought I was mad when she heard me laughing out loud to myself. I laughed when the DFQC said something like how XLH was as important to him as his own body and literally meant it, but XLH totally misinterpreted that he loved her. I laughed at the many such similar assumptions XLH made. I laughed when DFQC counted the flower in the garden being forced to do so, and how he hated crying but was forced to cry because of the link with XLH.
I cried when XLH killed herself for DFQC and everyone and cried again when DFQC thought XLH was gone and it was just the goddess and he confessed at the bridge his real heart about how much he wanted XLH to know he was not a bad guy like before.
I had not bought DVDs of any drama for a long time because much of the shows are available online now and I can easily download them to rewatch later but I liked this drama so much, so much that I am saving up to buy the DVD version of this drama so that I can watch it even after my hard-drive failed me.
I tried other xianxia dramas recommended but they cannot watch this show for me. I love everything about this show. The ML, the FL, the SML and SFL, the side characters and even the most hated guy for me in this show, RH. I loved how ML was so cold and emotionless at the beginning and grew to be more affectional in the end, while FL was too naive and full of emotions at first but grew to be less so as Goddess.
I love how the ML sacrificed his power for FL until he became from strong to weak, and because he loved her, became from weak to even stronger than he was before and how FL also became much stronger at the end as Goddess than before. The only thing I don't like is that the hypocritical heavenly emperor did not get his justice. He is still the emperor at the end despite being so cruel and the brother of DFQC got away too easily as well after being so cruel to XLH and forgetting how he and his brother could be together because of her intervening on his behalf.
I wished RH suffered a bit more as well, though not **. ** was a war goddess who was DFQC's only opponent and I felt RH didn't deserve to die together with her and get his wish fulfilled after being so cruel to everybody and tarnished her reputation. I though JL, being so selfish deserved to suffer a bit more before getting her sweet moments with black dragon. I wished Danyin could be together with the SML, seeing how she truly loved him and how I felt sorry for the SML that he was left with nobody though he was so kind and noble.
I thought everyone acted their roles really well. DFQC was so cool. I don't like his acting in meteor garden but DFQC was cool. I watched the scene when he first regained his body after the body swap when the smoke dispersed and he slowly opened his eyes again and again. He was so cruel at first, wanting to repay XLH saving him from his imprisonment by killing her and didn't do so only because he would hurt himself in the process. His care for her initially was all self-preservation. He was truly selfish at first but grew slowly to be more selfless.
XLH was so naive at first but still brave in spite of that. Though being the weakest in the fairy realm and a total coward, and despite being often bullied by the fairies, she tried to rescue them from the beast by luring it away from them. She slowly grew emotionally and mentally, even outsmarting DFQC at times and I really admire her for asking him to treat her on equal term near the end and then trying to sacrifice herself to save everybody that she love. She don't just love DFQC, she loves everyone. She is so cool as goddess, too, being able to hide her emotions so well and managed to deceive DFQC.
I never comment on any show before in reddit after watching it but I love this show so much that I must comment my feelings or I will not be satisfied. I don't want a second season, but I do want to see one episode on life after DFQC returned and their marriages and having children.
I will also like to see a scene of XLH's reunion with her master who she misses so much at the beginning of the series. Enough of my rant. I am off for yet another rewatch.

Ep 38, or special 2, has XLH sent a letter, which had this quote I like very much.

Love the universe and love one person.

Love one person, and love the universe.

That is exactly XLH and DFQC,

XLH begins this series by loving the universe. In spite of being bullied, she always see the good in people and in the process of loving the universe, she loves one person--DFQC,

DFQC, on the other hand, begins by loving one person, XLH. And in the process of loving XLH, he loves the universe.

They are the exact opposite of each other at the beginning but through love, reach a compromise.

I like Ep 37 and 38, also known as special 1 and 2. They confirm to me that DFQC returns to life and all is not a dream.

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