DISCUSSION THREAD -- 300 Word Writing Challenge #51 (October 2023)

Ha! That's what I like to hear -- I hate to do something expected! (But then presumably at some point my doing the unexpected is going to be expected, so does that mean I will then have to do something which is expected, as that wouldn't be...??) But I have to ask, what ending were you expecting? Meeting a lover there, or her parents coming for her?
I expected the story to end with the girl under the tree and not really caring about what anyone else wanted or expected. I also didn't expect that the tree would become a kind of guiding angel for those who did not fit in.

And Congratulations! Your Honor, your story was a crackerjack and a joy to read and behold.

And Wow!
I'm happy to wear the Bridesmaid dress. I think I look lovely in pink taffeta. It highlights my dimples in a flattering way.

And I want to thank the 10? yes, 10 people who voted for my story.

@mosaix, @paranoid marvin @Starbeast @Jo Zebedee @Luiglin @M. Robert Gibson @Daysman @emrosenagel @AnRoinnUltra @Christine Wheelwright

Also sincere Thanks to all who put my story in the shortlistings.

@Parson might be interested to know I chose the name "Ruth" because of her words to Naomi which I love -- "whither thou goest, I will go" -- which fitted in with an idea I temporarily had about the plot, but although the piece moved away from that, I kept the name because of its double meaning, both pity/compassion, but also grief/sorrowing.
Ha, I picked up on that, but wondered if you did that by accident or not.
Congrats @The Judge .

Thanks to paranoid marvin, Ursa major, Jo Zebedee, Daysman and Christine Wheelwright for the votes plus the mentions folks.

I started off with the last but one line, "Sometimes, I even regret pushing her" and went from there. I tried to recreate a type of Stephen King New England tale. I always like his character and location descriptions. He seems to pick up on the less obvious traits to highlight.
Congratulations— a little secret…

I spoke to my sis and asked her to decide her top stories and have her my votes — these were her favourites with her votes going to @The Judge @donrmontgomery and @M. Robert Gibson.

Astropen, Victoria, Luiglin, Big J, Rafellin, Johnnyjet, Mosaix, Parson, Jozeb, Christine, Paranoid Marvin & Ursa Major

Many thanks to all who shortlisted and for the four votes from @M. Robert Gibson @Peter V @emrosenagel and @Elckerlyc :)

Course now I’m not speaking to my sis ;)
Congratulations to The Judge, and well done to Parson for a double-digit-vote 2nd place.

Thanks as always to our constant reviewers Parson and Victoria, and to Phyrebat (and your sister) for the image that launched 8000 words (27x300 ).

Thankyou as well to those who voted and shortlisted my story.
Congratulations to @The Judge on a deserved victory!

For my own tale, thanks to @Christine Wheelwright, @AnRoinnUltra, @sule, Her Honor, and @Phyrebrat's sister for the mentions/listings/whatnot, and extra special thanks to @johnnyjet and @JS Wiig for the votes.

I don’t know why you all are congratulating The Judge when I clearly won with 23 Non-Euclidean votes.
I sent you a trophy, though it's coming via non-Euclidean mail, so I guess it's taking a somewhat roundabout route to get to you.

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