DISCUSSION THREAD -- 300 Word Writing Challenge #51 (October 2023)

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Nov 10, 2008
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It's October 1st , so we have a new 300 Word Challenge!

This quarter, we have a suitably Hallowe'enish spooky-ish inspiration image from our master of horror, Christopher Bean aka Phyrebrat, who also brought us the 75 worder this month, so lots of horror to go around. 300 Word Writing Challenge -- #51 (October 2023) -- READ FIRST POST!!

As usual the thread is locked until the 10th, to give plenty of time for stories to be polished, but also as ever, this thread is open for comments, witticisms and just plain blether.

Good luck, everyone!
Aren't the instructions as posted a contract of sort? ;)

Excited to see the new Challenge image. I feel like writing this month, which is nice. Best of luck with your stories all, CC
I can't see the image -- is there another link?

Yup same here, l just the little blue square.
Eek! I imagine it's the same problem as we've had before -- the image is in the Staff Room vaults, so it's somehow still linked to that. As mods we can see it, so we didn't realise what was happening!

Since I'm useless at this stuff, I'd better not interfere with the thread, but I'll see if I can post a copy of the image here:


And do we get 350 words again this month? The OP says ‘350’ which I suspect is a mistake.
That's what comes of creating a thread early on Sunday morning before I've even had my breakfast! Now amended -- it's 300 only!
Flushed with success at getting the image here, I've copied it across to the main thread, where I think it is now visible. Let me know if it isn't!
What mod should I contact about some potentially non-family friendly content in my potential story?
Good stuff, got in quick so I could take an early lead;) Woke up last night with an idea and scribbled it onto the cover of a notepad. It still made sense this morning so that'll do for this quarter -best of luck folks
@AnRoinnUltra ..... Octophants always play the long game .... Friendship is not a game, but a game can build friends.
*I'd never heard of an Octophant before.
AnRoinnUltra: The combination of whimsey and heartfelt emotion in this deceptively simple story of childhood, maturity, and loss results in a touching fable.

THX1138: A playful sense of humor can be found in this comic account of secrets revealed, with an unexpected punch line sure to amuse.

donrmontgomery: In this cautionary tale of advice given and rejected, we find an allegory for the eternal foolishness of humanity, always tempted to act against its own best interest.

Astro Pen: A subtle transition from lightness of tone to a more serious mood draws the reader into this emotionally powerful depiction of love beyond boundaries.
@THX1138 .... The Fudge Conspiracy .... Some alien concocktions are sweeter than others and this one is absolutely delicious.

@donrmontgomery .... Keep Clear .... Some warnings are more important than almost anyone realizes.

@Astro Pen .... Family Tree .... Some evolutionary processes lead to something quite unexpected, but is it wonderful?
My muse did help me out with this one! How kind of her. I had a goal to incorporate the natural beauty of Florida into both challenges this month and I think this one did a better job at it. Extra words always help. (FYI don’t ever actually pick a ghost orchid. They’re very much endangered!)

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