DISCUSSION THREAD -- October 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

As long as I'm at this I may as well vote. I shall try to keep in mind the theme and the genre. With the help here I think I understand the genre a bit better but it still remains a little slippery to me.

Last Gasp
by @Astro Pen because it captures a horror which seems unstoppable.

Begotten by @Guttersnipe because it is cleverly plotted and it has an identifiable horror.

Anopheles by @genelewis because it shows the horror of unexpected consequences in an analytical tone.

The Baby Elder God by @nixie because it made me smile while adhering to the theme and genre.

Splinters by @Yozh because it describes the madness from the inside.

The Earthworm by @Perky because it transforms the common earthworm into a powerful god.

The Limitations of AI When Applied to Religious Rituals by @Christine Wheelwright because of its pure whimsy.

Wow this was hard! Sometimes I have a story or two that seems to me to be head and shoulders above the others, but not this month. In the end it came down to a choice between Anopheles and Splinters.

@Yozh and Splinters got the vote because it captured a feeling of helplessness by both the victim and the one who was the secondary sufferer.
Will be pondering my vote a little longer, but the shortlist is Yozh, Starbeast, and emrosenagel
@THX1138 A broken mirror shows true feelings
@BigJ One of the best at hitting the theme, maybe should have gotten my vote? Wish I had two..
@Luiglin almost a poem
@StilLearning I would watch this movie.
@emrosenagel we see the horror and it is us
@M. Robert Gibson approaching horror not in fear but in hope
@Parson an indifferent god

My vote to @genelewis for reminding us all we know not the consequence of meddling with nature. Also for riffing on a theme from my favorite Disney movie about a rampaging alien bent on destruction--Lilo and Stitch.
Sadly time and lack of a suitable ending left me storyless this month.

Some great entries this month for a tricky genre. Ursa and mosaix were (almost) inseperable, Ursa winning my vote by a whisker.
Honorable Mentions:
The Tomb by Victoria Silverwolf
Between Moments by Cat's Cradle
But they said it wouldn’t rip a hole in reality . . . by BigJ
By The Light of The Moon… by mosaix
Tāwhirimātea, the Storm God, and his Lesson by Parson

The Haunted Sky: by StilLearning
Pyan: Still waters run noisy.

Hugh: A day without sunshine is like night.

Perky: Home is where the hate is.

Bren G: New and unimproved.

Christine Wheelwright: Invention is a fine faith.

Parson: The gods hurt those who hurt themselves.

The Big Peat: As below, so above.

Ursa major: The whole is less than the parts.


Vote goes to Luiglin.
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A hard month to pick, ended up voting for:
Look through any window by @johnnyjet - the Bootes void, halfway between madness and sanity.

Almost voted for:
The god that failed by @JS Wiig - be carefull what ya wish for.
Reality's End by @Elckerlyc - Nice of them to let us know.
Anophelies by genelewis - every action has one.
Clutching at straws by @Luiglin - A story that made me think of this man (apologies, can't find a link to the doc itself, but the man was using fractions to solve for the universe;)

Thanks all for all the stories, and the reviewers and staff keeping the show on the road (y)
Oi you lot.

Not read em yet, still trying to sort out a podcasting error which is taking my time.

However, I did have time to find and post these cartoons. Thought they might raise a smile.


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