Can someone help me with a Fantasy Art


New Member
Sep 28, 2023
I´m searching for someone who can make me a digital drawing. Im hosting a Pen and Paper in the Gurps universe for my friends. I have made all kinds of maps and had a lot of fun edition und creating maps. But now i reached my limits. I want to create a picture which shows the diffrent levels in the fantasy universe itself.

The world map should be shown like a ring. With the surface facing outwards. Of course, the map could or should be extended here, although the exact content does not have to be shown exactly.

From the inside of the ring, connections will then run to several small islands at the center of the universe.

I was able to draw the Ring but then my skill just reached its limits.
Is anybody here in the mood to help me?

This is the World Map Inkarnate - Create Fantasy Maps Online


C.R. Kunferman
Nov 2, 2023
I think I may be able to help you but your description is a little bit hard to follow... Are you looking for a 3d model with map textures? Or an artist rendition of a world sort of like the one seen in Halo video games?

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