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Sci-Fi Seanachaí
Aug 15, 2021
Apologies, I can't link the intereweb location (facebook) so the text below is onfongled from Audio Drama Hub. The people involved are great actors and would do justice to your work if selected. There are a few skilled horror writers here (@Phyrebrat for a start) who might be interested:

More competitions! This time, a writing one. Dashingly Quirky is in its 6th year of putting on a script with live foley and audience interaction. All details below -

- NO FEE -
DEADLINE: 11.59pm Friday 13th October 2023

Please send all scripts to Put your name in your email, but please don't put it on the script, as they will be judged as anonymous entries. Thanks!


This is a heads-up for writers...

For the last few years, Dashingly Quirky has held a competition for brand new, original, short scripts to be performed live, with live foley, in person.

So here's a call for more scripts. It is free to enter, up to a maximum of 3 scripts per person. Please keep them under 10 minutes long (or approximately 6.66pages), and with scope for live foley which can be done by the performers - and also by the audience.

One chosen script will be performed live, with live foley at *The Audio Drama Hub Podfest 2023* on 4th November in High Wycombe.

For this year, we are looking for HORROR scripts.
We hugely welcome first-time writers. Scripts will be sent to the judges anonymously (so please don't attach your name to the actual script) and purely judged on how they'd work in a live performance space with foley and with audience interaction, and nothing else. So do have fun!


We always encourage writers from marginalised groups, and are looking for plays from writers of all cultures, gender, orientation, and from countries all over the world.
Please read the full details, rules and aims below. And yes, we do want audience participation....!
In brief:

Scripts need to be up to 10 minutes long, or around/less than 6.66 pages in length.
There must be a walk-on part (1-2 lines) for an audience member to perform on the day.
The script must challenge the production team in creating potential for foley that is achievable in a live setting. Scripts with little or no live foley are less likely to be selected.
Setting...We would love to create an exciting atmosphere with live soundscapes that the audience can help create vocally, or by pre-recording atmospheres and places. Please think about how sound can be utilised creatively to convey space and place in your piece…
There is no specific script format required, but please clearly note any sound effects/foley on separate lines, so that it’s clear to read.
That’s it. Happy writing!
the thought of learning how to write a screenplay is beyond me right now
I don't know about that. If it was for a national broadcaster or the likes I reckon you'd want to have your formatting neat and tidy, but I think the name of the game here is giving the actors/ director/ sound folk something challenging to work with. A piece of dance seems like it could be a perfect fit as to my (unqualified) mind a live audio horror show would be all about rhythm and pacing.
I'm gonna give it a go anyway, it'll be good writing practice if nothing else -will post it here after the results are announced.
-BTW myself and @paranoid marvin got some form of commendation for a no word entry last year (y)

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