Unity debacle


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Jul 24, 2003
This is what happens when a company tries to squeeze every last penny out of a product but doesn’t consider the consequences of their actions. The owners of game engine Unity announced that they would charge a fee, not only for licensing the use of the engine but for every copy of a game made with the engine when it is downloaded. Imagine buying a car and having to pay a fee to the manufacturer every time you used it.

Unity owners were the only folk surprised when a load of developers erupted in fury and threatened to pull their products either off the shelf completely or for redevelopment with another engine. What were these people thinking? Oh look, there’s a great big train coming down the track and they reply what train? what track?
No doubt Epic (makers of the Unreal engine) will be hoping for a few companies to make good on their threat to ditch Unity and move across to their product.

Anybody here still use Photobucket? Not me since they started charging a fee.
And now Elon Musk is saying that users of X (formerly Twitter) might be charged a fee. I wonder how that will work out.
I remember from a few years back, Unity made a lot of friends in Academia and research too. Their terms and conditions stated that any output used in any publication was their copyright and they wanted paying for its use/reproduction. So you could not put any illustration of your Unity [VR in this case] output in your thesis or reports to sponsors/clients without paying up.
This might be why the lab here decided to go with Unreal.
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It's like OTT microtransactions and WotC's OGL clusterfudge had a kid.

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