Subbing to genre magazines.

Feb 13, 2011
In your bedroom wardrobe...
I follow uber-editor Ellen Datlow on BlueSky. She was talking about the survival of genre magazines and posted this link to a list of them and how to subscribe.

However, I thought it served as a nice article we could use as a reference of where to submit our short stories, so I’ve included it below.

Thanks for the list. I do submit short stories to genre magazines, with little success so far. In the old days, publishers of printed small magazines would heavily press those submitting to buy a subscription, but this seems less prevalent these days. Instead, most concede that 'simultaneous submission is ok', while some magazines make a charge for submissions (possibly a nice earner if they charge $4 and accept a mere 2% of submissions).
It would be nice if more people subscribed, but if one is submitting to a lot of magazines, that could rapidly become a significant financial burden. In general, magazines receive floods of submissions and the rate of acceptance is low, and the standard of what is accepted is generally high.

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