Godzilla Minus One (2023)


Getting away with it
Sep 23, 2006
The edge of the world. Yes, really.

I’m a bit confused by what it is a prequel to. Initially, I assumed Shin Godzilla but this article puts up a good argument that it may be more of a prequel to the 1954 movie.

Either way, it’s Godzilla so I’ll be adding this to my DVD collection when it appears:)

And on a related note, I’d have loved to have seen this
’Holy kaiju, Batman!’
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It was produced for only 15 million dollars and its getting raves by the critics.
As long as Hollywood doesn't look at it and go "that's it--what we need are more movies about guilt-ridden males."
Ehh, there needs to be more variety than that in story theme.

There was a what if story concept someone floated once--what if Japan had Godzilla on its side before the war ended? Maybe it has been done--but that was a neat idea.
There's such a lack of character variety--I understand--war sucks--being a warrior sucks--I get it--but you don't have to do that in every story.
And you don't have to do it only when you want to recruit for the military (i.e. The Adventures of Robin Hood).
It just won the Best Visual Effect Oscar.
I want to see it more than ever...