New Amazon rules on "AI-Generated" Content.


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Nov 4, 2010
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This is interesting, but I don't see how the Amazon rules will have any teeth. Surely authors or indeed publishers can just … fib if they don't want to declare that content is "AI-generated"? And do we really want to embrace "AI-assisted" content?

Meanwhile, this is alarming:

“The past year alone has seen a huge influx of poor-quality, rapidly generated titles in the KDP store alongside human-created works."

All things book selling seem to have been taking a worrying turn for the past 20 years or so, with author incomes plummeting throughout that time. At least 2010-15 provided some sort of self-pub/indie heyday for at least some authors, but that's no help to us now.

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Oct 5, 2011
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I guess it shows someone is actively managing the content. I’ve updated two of mine and will go in and do the rest soon - it’s buried on page two of the set up so a wee bit of work. There are rumours that until it’s done titles on kdp are effectively hidden so they may tie it to their algorithms too


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Apr 8, 2011
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Oddly I just ran into this publishing my latest and had to declare if any of my content was AI generated. The cover was. I tried to declare it, but when I did the program glitched and it kept telling me that I had to mark that the writing was too, which it isn't. I just gave up on the whole affair. There's a statement on the inside that the cover was generated by Deep Dream anyway, and I don't sell cover art.

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Aug 18, 2023
I'm just finishing off a book at the moment. I used ChatGCP to bounce ideas off of, especially getting its feedback on whether the science made sense and held water. It was very useful for that.

I tried to get it to write a couple of short (2-3 paragraph) sections when I was having some writers block, just to see what it would come up with and see if it gave me something I could perhaps tweak and use. It was hopeless. Everything was hugely over-flowery, corny, and it seemed to want to end even a short section with some profound moral lesson.

More than that though, it just didn't feel like it came from me... It's not exactly that its suggestions didn't fit with what I wanted, it just felt like foreign substance in my writing, like finding a fly in your soup. It wasn't good. It's like when you've got a clear plot in your mind then a friend who you've given a brief synopsis to starts telling you how they think end of the book should go. It's just an unwanted extra cook in the kitchen.

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