A Brief History of Mad Magazine

The ffirstmad magazine I ever owned wa the one that spoofed Planet of the Apes It was hilarious stuff . My favorite bits were Spy vs Spy and Don Martin.:D
I was fascinated as a young kid by my older brother's late-60s issues. Spiro Agnew kept coming up, much more often than, say, Nixon. It's possible Agnew was the first politician's name I learned -- and he wasn't even from my country!

I laughed decades later when watching the Simpsons when Milhouse picks up a copy of Mad and says "They've really got it in for that Spiro Agnew guy. I guess he must work there." Someone else clearly noticed.
I read some the mad hardcover books , On did spoofs of Sherlock Holmes . the Woman Wonder and Superduper Man. Tarzan we. hilariously funny and the artwork here was rather good . And they such as books Snappy Answers to Stop Questions .

And let not forget the foldable page at the end of each magazine.:D

And then their Mr. What me, Worry ? Alfred E Newman . By the way, he did a cartoon Cameo in an episode of Mr McGoo and possible in a comic movie Up The Academy , that cameo was not a cartoon. :D
My first introduction to MAD were the Spy vs Spy games on the 8 bits. 'The Island Caper' in particular was a memorable 2 player game on the C64.

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