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We didn't have a thread for Volume 3 so I've created one. This will contain spoilers. I've quoted some posts from other threads here first. I also hadn't realised that it's been six years since Volume 2.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.... :love:

Saw it. Sad take on what used to be a funny series. Nonstop mayhem. My shoot em up grandson (6 yrs. old) enjoyed it.
His big sister (9) had to leave. Their dad took them before they received our warning.

So, if you have just enough pennies to buy a ticket to see one film, the question is, is it
- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny ?

Definitely Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3. They say the new Indiana Jones is total garbage.

Watched this on Monday - these are by far my favourite Marvel films, and this one was really good. Of course a lot of mind-boggling CGI action sequences, but this one did this message really well, managing a good depth, and of course an awesome sound track.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Brilliant. Loved it. A wonderful trilogy.
I've seen it. I liked the backstory for Rocket: "a Powerful Message"? Not entirely sure that everyone would take away that message if PETA hope to change some attitudes. The "faceless guy" aka the High Evolutionary, just came across as a lunatic. "What kind of monster would slaughter a whole civilisation?" So, he was portrayed as a "monster"!

I agree that the rest of the film is just shoot-them-up, blow-it-up and spaceship-crash-carnage. Yes, they stagger from one "mayhem" and stumble into another.

Not as "funny"? It was understated humour. You had to have seen the earlier films first. Regarding that, I enjoyed Quill's infodrop on what had occurred in Vol. 2:
Peter Quill : I'm-a tell you something: I'm Star-Lord! I formed the Guardians! Met a girl, fell in love... that girl died. But then she came back. Came back, a total dick.
Gamora : Oh, please!
Nebula : He left out some important information. But that is the gist of it.
And what about this exchange too?
Peter Quill : I never noticed how black your eyes were.
Nebula : They were replaced by my father as a method of torture.
Peter Quill : ...He picked a pretty set.
Both Nebula and Mantis have a lot of funny lines.

And what about?
The High Evolutionary: There is no God. That's why I stepped in.
Impossible to have made this film in the past due to the advances in CGI with all of those talking animals.

The ending is extremely sentimental, which is fine if it really is the series end, but then it looks like they could continue with the new Team Rocket or with a Star Lord and his grandfather. I think that this is all largely what I was expecting from this film though. I didn't really expect anything too brain taxing.

I didn't think the soundtrack was on a par with the earlier two, sorry, and that was a large part of the appeal of those.

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