Star Wars: Ahsoka - 01:04 - Part Four: Fallen Jedi


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Aug 21, 2007

Hera risks her career to help her friends while Ahsoka and Sabine confront enemies.
IMDB score: 9.3 Runtime: 41 minutes
Early review, because I cannot process my daily readings further. In fact, all over my youtube, I get hints that this is a very special episode and the IMDB score reflects it. Disney does not give me early reviews, even though I know for certain that they'll read our responses quite closely... for some reason.

So let's see how this one develops...

Huyang, the ship mechanic. Unlike many of his droid counterparts, he's a jack-of-all-trades... but as that idiom goes down towards (master of none) this one is definitely a master of Jedi practices. After all, I learned this week that he was built just 8 years after the first Jedi's became reality. So over tens of thousands of years, he has trained a lot of them. Maybe not all, as he was hidden in the Lothal's temple for quite a while, but when he was active Yoda shovelled a lot of youngling on is way to learn the sabre crafting. After all, Master Yoda had been his students once upon a time.

Still, when you compare him to C3PO or to the range of astromechs, like Chopper, B2, or R2D2, Huyang offers to the crew so much more than just being a trainer. It really surprised me that he was pulling the cockpit apart and then venturing outside with his toolbox just to get the ship operational, instead of getting instructions from the pilot, like Chopper often does.

Of the all the droids we've seen over the years, he's the one I like the most.

So Lady Morgan made it to the surface, and nobody saw her landing. Personally, I expected her to stay at the ring and letting the Fallen deal with the problem, but since this is a NightSisters temple, I have no problem on her precence. Even if, it is a bit strange to have a VIP in a risky situation.

She knew that "the guards would not delay them for long," when Shin Hati arrived to inform her master that they'd located the ship in the red forest. Although I suspect she spoke from a force vision, I'm more inclined to believe that she was warning from the experience. Like with the Mandalorians the Purge thought her to not underestimate the enemy.

Baylon in his wisdom said, "But you will," and thus Marrok and Shin accepted their mission to be the brunt tools in the mission. But he was also concerned over the Lady as he said, "Best to get underway soon."

"Is that a note of fear in your voice?" Lady Morgan asked.

"Experience," Baylon answered.


This is the Way! (hums mando tune). I loved seeing Sabine kitting up, because that's the way I'm used to seeing her throughout the Rebel's run. She rarely had the jumpsuit on as most of the time she had her full kit on, with all the signature markings and tools. Note also that her setup now includes the sabre.

It was strange that Ashoka felt worried over her padawan, even if she asked: "Should I be?"

"Nope," Sabine answered.

"I know how much Ezra means to you," Ashoka said, after she'd stated that if they can't get to Ezra, nobody should. Yet, she spoke from experience, when she said, "Sometimes we have to do what's right regardless of our personal feelings," as it all referred to her leaving the Order and learning that Anakin was behind Vader's mask.

"You really believe that?" Sabine asked, feeling visibly sour.

Ashoka took a deep breath and said, "When the stakes are this high... I have to."


"And one more..." Huyang joined a connection on two wires, and a second later the machine hummed back into life. "There. Finally, some progress."

Little did he guess that he'd been observed all the time he'd been outside the ship. But the onlookers made one mistake as a crack of branch alerted the trainer on the danger. Second later, it was happy clanking as the metal met metal, while MK series droid tried to take down the Jedi trainer.

To my surprise MK were almost successful on silencing the droid. The girls didn't hear him yelling "help," but they got alerted when the power went out. A hit foiled, even though they had eight just outside the ramp. The fight also proved that Sabine doesn't need the sabre, blasters and her tools were enough, while Ashoka provided the heavy lifting. Two of them are a formidable opponent, even if I prefer Ventress to be Ashoka's partner-in-crime.

The fight was short and violent. And after it, Huyang made a request for them to stay together, because he also recognized that two of them fight better, "Together."


"I'm not just going to sit and do nothing, Lieutenant" General Hera said to the flight officer, when he came to stop her.

"But..." Lt Hawking's tried. "But you can't leave without authorization."

"Watch me." Hera turned around and marched towards Ghost.

"There's a meeting of the general staff. What do I tell them?" Hawkings shouted after her.

"You'll think of something," Hera replied. :ROFLMAO: Man, I don't wish to be in Hawking's shoes. He's in a bad place in his adjutant position and trying to manage Hera's going is going to be an impossible task. It would be easier if Hera didn't have a rank, but whose going to strip it when she's buddies with the Chancellor.

In the Ghost cockpit young Kanan Jr asked, "Mom, how come I have to o what I'm told and you don't."

"Well, when you're a General you can disobey rules too," Hera answered. "Until then, buckle up."

Oh, Jacen, I feel for you. Mum is always right, and you're too little to figure out ways to counter her. The strange thing was that outside the capitol ship she was joined by a X-wing squadron, who swore allegiance to her. After all, it was led by already Mando famous Captain Carson.

"You know," Carson said, "You're risking an awful lot by doing this."

"Well, you know how it is. Once a rebel, always a rebel."

With Carson chuckling on the reply, off they went into the hyperspace. It might be a slight strange note but so far when Carson had appeared in the Mandoverse, he never got into the fight.


Well, that explains it. Lady Morgan brought the whole hyperring into the atmosphere, but for some reason the director could not have a reveal angle when Ashoka spoke about it in the forest. Another, and maybe a slightly stranger reason for its presence was that Lady Morgan needed its presence because she couldn't take the map with her.

"For the jump you're attending," Baylon said, "If your calculations are off by even a little, we will be lost to the depth of the void."

"Have faith," Lady Morgan replied as she extended her hand over the 'map' and conjured it alive.

"Faith? I lost that a long time ago," Fallen Jedi replied. Then as the map blew all over them he added, "Witchcraft." :LOL:

Yep, sir, that's what it is, witchcraft for the faithless people.


Not far outside the Nightsisters Temple Ashoka and Sabine met their opposition. Against her tormentor Sabine drew first and battered Shin with blaster fire as she drove her away from Ashoka's match with Marrok. I don't know if the boy knew that this wasn't first time Ashoka had faced the Inquisitor's, but she did it with the poise and skill of a master.

All while Sabine was driving her hatred towards Shin. Coming too close, Sabine lost her blasters and had to draw out the sabre, which in this time, she was wielding a bit more confidence against a more skilled fighter. There is no doubt in my mind that Shin is better with the blades, but she's not a Mandalorian.

Ashoka however handled Marrok most peacefully, and it was kind of funny that the inquisitor had to use their classical move by spinning the double blades around the hilt, as if that would somehow prevent a master from striking. With a single slice, he was down. And then to everyone's surprise, he turned to ash...


Nightsister Magick. That's the only explanation I have it. Even Shin was surprised that she dropped her guard for long enough for Sabine to shout Ashoka, "Go! I got this..."


"You'll regret this decision," Shin hissed. Tactically thinking she's right. Ashoka and Sabine should have done with her there and then to be ruthlessly efficient, but considering Sabine's training it wouldn't have been on her benefit, because she obviously needs challenges from strong opposition.

Even in this shot, she not on top of her skills as she's matching the classical position with another, without trying to find the advance. She obviously haven't learned all the techniques and counter positions. So essentially she's an underdog, a fierce one. Just like she was in the black sabre fight.

The problem was that she'd forgotten her lessons and Shin were able to disarm her in their fight. It was Ezra who suggested her to not forget Mandalorian past before the black sabre fight. So it drew a big smile of my face, when Sabine feigned and then launched one of the Mando weapons disarming the trainee fallen jedi.

This is the Way!

To my surprise and Sabine's Shin used one of the classical ninja tricks by throwing a smoke bomb and then running away as the cloud engulfed Sabine.


"Anakin spoke highly of you," Baylon said as Ashoka entered the circle."

"Interesting," Ashoka replied. "He never mentioned you."

"Everyone in the Order knew Anakin Skywalker." Baylon stood up and removed his cloak. "Few would live to see what he became. Surely that must leave a mark. Is that why you walked away? Abandoned him?" Oh the lies, the sweet little lies.

Ashoka removed her cloak and answered, "I'm not here to discuss my past."

"The only reason I'm here is to secure the future," Baylon said as Ashoka approached her.

"For you?"

"Something far greater," Baylon answered. He had not drawn his blade even though they were both in the clash distance.

"Ambitious," Ashoka replied.

"Necessary," Baylon suggested.

"And you find starting another war necessary?" Ashoka queried. Still neither one of them had drawn. Instead, the masters were in a hard, cold conversation instead of gnashing their teeth between the strikes and counters.

"I am not starting a war," Baylon answered. "But Thrawn will. It is an unfortunate evil but speaks to a greater truth. One must destroy in order to create."

That was it, the blades were drawn as Baylon uttered, "How inevitable."

I loved watching them going between different techniques and classical sabre stances. The fight itself is one of the best we have seen in the SW universe, minus the animated stuff. It is even better than Luke's second encounter with his father.

In the midst of it, Baylon uttered, "Your legacy, like your Master's, is one of death and destruction." It was a wrong move as Ashoka kicked him to balls and then continued kicking him until he was on the floor, twisting in pain.

Seeing the opportunity Ashoka ran to the artefact and took it out from Force Magick without realising that she was going to burn her hand in the process. What's more is that it also stopped Lady Morgan's calculations because her navdroids cannot copy data.

On the ground Baylon got up, seething with anger as he marched towards Ashoka's gringing in pain. He shouted, "That was unwise," and tried to strike down the lady. But it wasn't so easy as Ashoka is known dual wielder.

Seeing Shin arriving at the temple, Ashoka uttered: "Sabine," and then she used Force Push to throw the girl against one of the pillars. There was no sound of her neck cracking but when she fell on the floor, Baylon looked at her twisted head and struck with anger.

As a note, Grey's can go into the shady territory and use the force powers to do things that classical Jedi's avoid in their 'pacifist' ways. The Order would have scorned her from using anger to fuel the move. In fact, Baylon was on it as he encounter Ashoka on the cliff edge and said, "I didn't need to come to this. But you know no other way," without realising who he was speaking to and what Ashoka had done in the past.

At that moment Sabine shouted, "Stop!"

Ashoka, realising that Sabine was holding the map on a blaster point, she shouted, "Destroy it!"

Girl couldn't do it. She couldn't destroy the only hope she had for Ezra, so holding the map on gunpoint, she ordered, "Step away from her!"

In his anger, Baylon saw an opening and struck. Ashoka fell off the cliff and Sabine was in world of trouble. The blaster fire didn't stop the Fallen Jedi. The only card she had was holding the map on gunpoint.

"You should do as your master says," Baylon uttered. "Destroy it. She would have done it," then feigning that his guard was down he stepped closer.

"Stay back," Sabine shouted with a fierce look in her eyes.

"But you are not like her? Are you?" Baylon asked. He stayed on his position, just outside the strike distance as Sabine replied, "More than you know."

Baylon took a deep breath and hanged his sabre. "I know you feel that Ezra Bridger is the only family you have left."

"You don't know what you are talking about," Sabine replied.

Unarmed Baylon walked forward. "I know what's holding you back. Your family died on Mandalore, because your Master didn't trust you." Lies, she had no master back then. "Sabine. You and I share a common goal. To make this journey. You, to be reunited with your long lost friend, and I, to serve a greater good." He had walked to her face and Baylon was even able to pull a smile as he said, "Come with me. Willingly. And I give you my word, no harm will come to you."

"Sabine," Baylon opened his palm. "It is the only way. Do it. For Ezra."

The girl could not say no. She handed the ball and then got force choken by Shin getting back up. Baylon told her no and then said, "I gave her my word," as he restored the map.


Nice defensive formation. Ghost and the X-wing squadron jumped in a moment after the map restoration. And they dived into the atmosphere without encountering any opposition. It was a hair bit too late as in that moment the hyperjump calculations finished and Baylon destroyed the map.

Sabine was forced into the shuttle as Lady Morgan brought the ring out from the atmosphere. Hera couldn't even get to firing range when Morgan engaged the hyperdrive and jumped the ship with Sabine, Shin and Baylon onboard. The New Republic lost 3 X-wings in that move.

After the crash, lulling in the space, Jayce proved that he's Force Sensitive as he said, "Mum, I got a bad feeling."


Ashoka was not dead. She woke up in the place we know as the World-between-Worlds. It is a very unique place, and the only place in the SW universe that allows timetravel. It is also the second time Ashoka has ever visited the place as in the first time it was because Ezra pulled her in there.

The first person she encountered there was Anakin's force ghost.

Hold on to your chairs people because we are definitely diving hard into the deep end. Marvellous and twisty episode!
I haven't been watching, but i'm assuming that the Hyperspace ring is for the Chimera?

The previous three looked... slow. This looks like the story is getting better.
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the Hyperspace ring is for the Chimera?
Maybe, we haven't seen Thrawn's Flag Vessel since the Rebels, but back then it was correctly marked. We don't know if the Lost Fleet will come into the picture with the Heir of the Empire coming back to the main galaxy.
Literally, all the pieces and tube videos say the same thing. Absolutely marvellous episode, but we are not there yet, because mind-blowing stuff is coming ahead.

Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke on Dawson taking on the lead role in Star Wars: Ahsoka and praised the actress for her part in the series.

"Rosario Dawson is such an incredibly powerful actress, and she loves this character," Kennedy in a press briefing for the series. "Everything about who Ahsoka is, what she represents, that interesting tension that exists between good and evil, dark and light, her previous relationship with Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)—all of that she has just brought to life in a way that almost no one else could."

"Fallen Jedi" ends with Ahsoka meeting Anakin in the World Between Worlds, which has already caused a lot of reactions and theories from fans. Many Star Wars fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement about Christensen's return and their joy over hearing him call Ahsoka "Snips," the nickname his character often used in Clone Wars (in the animated series, Anakin was voiced by Matt Lanter while Ahsoka was voiced by Ashley Eckstein).

You can check out some of the reactions to Ahsoka's fourth episode below...
So, in regard to the "Fallen Jedi," I strongly believe that it is referring to Baylon. He is not completely Sith, but he isn't completely Grey either. The Jedi part of him fell when the Order fell, that is certain and he became Grey when he accepted that not everything can be saved.

The twist is that he is doing it all for the "Greater Good," which could have been Jedi's motto back in the Old Republic days. I might get some hate for saying this but when the Order did fall they were too blinded by their pacifist ways on trying to keep the peace as they acted like a Galactic Police.

Ashoka is a prime example of the Greater Goodness going wrong as she abandoned the Order for not getting accepted by the Council, for pretty much anything. They most certainly didn't see her relationship with Ventress in good light, but to her, she didn't see the NightSisters Force User as the ultimate evil. To the Order everything different were condemned practice, even though if you look into the past, the Order beginning is muddled with all sorts of shady things.

It's just over the several millenias the Order became twisted by the Greater Good, by keeping the light bright AKA the Sister alive, it caused the dark AKA the brother to twist and gather power that ultimately culminated in the Emperor. Baylon most certainly doesn't want him to return, because working in Vader's shadows he saw the truth that neither side were good. But he also understood that you cannot have one without the other. Thus he became Grey AKA the Father and his ultimate goal is to have the Force balance in the SW universe.

He is a Fallen Jedi because in the Order's eyes, he's allowing the use of practices like Force Choking. But killing things, like for example allowing Shin to go all the way through, that's where he strikes the balance as for the kill it has to be justified. Just like it is in the Jedi Order teachings.

In the last trilogy, Ray clearly represented the Sister, Palpatine the Brother, but there was no Father because it has been an iffy issue for a long time as it's not explained clearly in the canon. At the end Kanan represented a Grey master on light side, and Baylon is clearly one for the dark side, thus for us having both sides of the Father in the picture.

This all relates to the Force Mural I posted about in the Part One.
The Jedi only look even more bland and inhuman in comparison, a decline that the live-action rendition of Ahsoka Tano fails to arrest. Heck, even the lightsabers don’t swish anymore—like their wielders, they have been made bleak and bland, turned into sticks that only vaguely glow. Ahsoka was always unlikely to capture the lightning-in-a-bottle magic of Andor, but in relying solely on placing fan-favorite Jedi on the screen and hoping that fans will fill in the gaps between the occasional hum of a lightsaber, the show feels like a step back. It’s just not enough, not anymore. If the reception to Andor was any indication, audiences have moved on from the tired wish-fulfillment that diehard fans still seem to crave. Both shows, albeit in different ways, prove it’s time for Star Wars to move on from the Jedi

A long, critically negative view on the story and SW franchise.
Yeah, a good episode. But I can't get past the repeated instances where character one, talks to character two then waits until character two turns her/his back to leave before saying more. Come on, guys. Mix it up a bit will ya? ;)
I feel like I’ve just watched a movie.
The quality of some TV today is far better than most movies from forty or fifty years ago. Is that what you meant?

Or do you mean the narrative?
all the pieces and tube videos say the same thing. Absolutely marvellous episode, but we are not there yet, because mind-blowing stuff is coming ahead.
It was certainly the best of the four episodes so far, but regarding the story being as good as a film, well then it wouldn't be as good without all the previous set-up, and it just ended suddenly, with Ahsoka seeing Anakin's Force ghost and the X-wing squadron's crash and burn. So, as a movie it would suck. No beginning, middle and end. Instead, it is a serial.

What I like about the series is the sense that it is getting better with each episode, and that there is more "mind-blowing stuff" coming ahead. I don't understand any of the poor reviews, and as I said in another thread, earlier Disney+ SW series got up to episode 3 and then went off on a tangent to give us some other different story, only coming back to the main event in the second last episode. This is quite different and much better for it. There is always a wish to watch next week. A classic serial!

This is not a complaint but something I don't understand - the map is destroyed and "no one will be following". The hyperdrive Ring is in one direction, I assume, but maybe it works in both. Any very small error in calculations and you get lost in "the void."

So, how do they get back with Thrawn? Don't they need both the map and the Ring to return? If not, then Thrawn could have returned without map or Ring anytime he liked. Well, I guess they do have the hyperspace coordinates from the map, and that they are copied now.

However, more than that, if General Hera destroys the Ring right now (or she even moves it a small distance in space), then even with the earlier calculated coordinates, no one is coming back at all!
The hyperdrive Ring is in one direction, I assume, but maybe it works in both. Any very small error in calculations and you get lost in "the void."
I rewatched it last night, because I was certain that Baylon forgot the Source computer on ground and it was shown calculating each segment. So, I don't think it's really a straight line, but a series of jumps, because the original and much used hyperspace lanes,


... aren't straight. Another thing, they showed the galaxy being in a static position. It's just like Milkyway, it is moving. Purgill's might have one of those 'naturally straight migration lanes' there, but it is a whole different ballgame to calculate the jump from inside another galaxy and end up in the destination precisely, because you cannot calculate it visually. You'd have to calculate the waypoints and use them along the route. But... because this is SW, we'll have to accept that they'll get it done no matter what and we shouldn't be worrying about it.

When I mentioned mind-blowing stuff, I could have been silent about it and not talk about it like I usually do. I just know from the experience that this episode was nothing compared to what might possible coming down the line. With Filoni being the showrunner, it's not going to be normal stuff. Not when he's mixing in all the force elements and literally takes the audience to places they've never seen or heard before, because they ignored the animated stuff.
I really liked this episode. It was clearly the best of the lot. But once again I am frustrated because it is obviously written for those who have lived decades following the "canon" of Star Wars. For example, I knew nothing of this "World-between-Worlds" where time travel is possible. This opens up a whole lot of other possibilities. But I'm here to watch everything, so let the fun continue.
I am frustrated because it is obviously written for those who have lived decades following the "canon" of Star Wars
I have also lived "decades [without] following the canon of Star Wars" too but I have fully understood the extremely long hyperspace jump to another Galaxy (even further, further away) which they learnt of from following Space Whales :unsure: They have stolen it from Stargate anyway - this is like the extra symbol on the Gate! And the Space Whales are an SF Trope. They were in Larry Niven's Integral Trees. Heck, they even had one in Star Trek TNG!

I knew nothing of this "World-between-Worlds" where time travel is possible.
On that particular point, we may have jumped the gun in this thread because all we actually saw was Ahsoka meeting Anakin's Force Ghost at the very end of the episode. Force Ghosts were well established in the original nine movies. I'm confident that anything more than that will be fully explained in the next episode. While I have little doubt that what has been posted here will be correct, as far as what we saw goes, it was still speculation. Ahsoka may be having an unconscious dream, it might be a flashback, or something else?

So, I'm not frustrated by the lack of exposition, I'm just waiting for it to come in subsequent episodes.
Finally caught up with the episode release. Easily the best of the 4 so far, hitting the crux of the story. Some decent lightsaber battles, and very little to have me scratching my head at the lack of logic. Again, the late, great Ray Stevenson shines as a Count-Dooku-level Sith of depth and plausible motivation. Hopefully Disney just botched the take-off for the series and are going to ace the landing - which is of course what most viewers will remember the most.

Special nostalgia award goes to the jump-to-hyperspace scene with the 5 X-wings and the ship from Rebels - that sound... utterly iconic and goosbump-inducing.
I also just watched Part IV and blimey, aside from the usual little problems in the acting, dialogue and fight choreography departments, I thought this was great.

Seatos is such a beautiful location with its dramatic cliffs plunging into this tumultuous ocean and its forests carpeted with red leaves. If only all of Star Wars was set on such worlds rather than Tatooine!

I quite liked the fights on the whole, aside from minor nitpicks when it comes to the way lightsabers are used. They're not regular swords but the fights are choreographed as if they had the exact same properties as steel, and that's a shame.

For the first time in... a long time, I think I actually felt something, something approaching empathy, for Sabine when she was given the choice to hand over the map. It may be a false memory but thinking back about it I think I was actually telling her to just hand it over! I was so dreading the moment she would make the "right" choice and pretend to give hi the map just to destroy it, and I'm so happy that they made her weak instead.

I never found fault with the costume despartment on this show but Shin and Baylor really go the extra mile with their quasi medieval armor plates. They look so good!

I also like the ROTJ vibes I get every time a Mon Calamari cruiser is shown on screen.

Finally, as much as I think the prequels are flawed I am so happy that Hayden Christensen is given another shot at Anakin. He deserves it.

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this episode that I didn't already mention in my reviews of the earlier episodes. Part IV was top tier as far as SW TV goes. It's far from a masterpiece, but it's everything I need Star Wars to be.
I quite liked the fights on the whole, aside from minor nitpicks when it comes to the way lightsabers are used. They're not regular swords but the fights are choreographed as if they had the exact same properties as steel, and that's a shame.
The only observation that I would make regarding the use of lightsabres, is that rather than stabbings through the chest cavity, the way in which the blades are constantly swung around would lead to more severed limbs. Yet, I don't see amputated legs and arms as injuries.