Is the narrative style Delaney used for Trouble On Triton, outdated

Robert Zwilling

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Jun 12, 2018
Is the narrative style, if that's what it is called, Delaney used for Trouble On Triton, now outdated, or would it still be popular and not stop someone from reading the story.

Is the insight into the character's thinking work as character development.

Did the writing style. stop, hinder, help, or made no difference for anyone reading the story.

Does anyone know of other examples of this style done in the detail used, either past or present.
Trouble on Triton presented no problems for me . If anything the style or writing made this vision of the future more believable as are characters.

In the case novel Dahlgren, That book and the way it's written is frustratingly incomprehensible and guaranteed to be a put off to a majority of readers. What is it even about ? :oops:
Agree with @BAYLOR that it didn't present a problem. Delany's best works (Trouble on Trition, Babel 13 IMO) are of an era when it comes to pacing (there are no slow builds and tension is built and paid off within a page) but, narratively Close 3rd or Indirect 3rd are very much still in use.

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