The Magic Users in Fantasy Literature Thread Good And Evil Thread


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Jun 29, 2014
This covers Wizards , Sorcerers , Witches and Sorceress and other creatures that use magic for good and evil and , why you found them most memorable and even compelling and or appalling .

Lets see where this one leads. :)
The Valheru origin the World of Midkemia in Raymond Feist. They Elves and had great magic power and they went though the unites smh any who got in their way. Eventual thye went to war with a race of powerful good and all but got banished his name Ashen-Shugar . He didn't going alone with rest of clan in the wars. And though a magic Armor and young man named Tomas , he was reborn and become a good guy.
Pug also from Feist's Riftwar series. He was a great Magician who used his powers to protect but he was also capable of widespread destruction as witnessed at the arena on Kelwan when he was angered by the treatment of the Midkemian slaves