fantasy book about made-up native culture about girl going into the woods.


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Aug 22, 2023
  • Media (short story collection, magazine, novel, website): Novel, fantasy
  • I remember the author made up a Native culture for the book I forgot the reason why but I think it was not to disrespect any native beliefs as fantasy.
  • Original year of publication/airing, or at least when you have read/seen this work of fiction.: Read around 2018-2019. In high school library
  • Major themes: I’m not sure. I think it was about how you go from a normal life into like the fantasy word by going into the woods, like a magical forest
  • Plot (as much as you can remember) I only read the first part of the story but I think the main character was talking to her grandpa/grandma about her culture.
  • Setting: First at home then going into the forest.
  • Characters (names, descriptions): Main character is young girl. Also her grandma or grandpa
  • The language you read or heard the story in
  • Details about the cover: girl going into a forest/woods as if going on an adventure. It’s green and the forest is large and looming I think the cover was beautiful and detailed
  • Target audience/age group: teens/young adults
  • Ideas that you have already ruled out: I tried searching up native fantasty but it’s not based on any real culture so it’s hard to find
  • Hardback book
Wondering if either of these links might be helpful:

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