August / September 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2023 Discussion

A remarkably even spread of votes so far, only one double. Goes to show how varied chronners tastes are. :)
The standard of stories is incredibly high and this was a tough choice. Not a huge reader of science fiction but these two stories were a lot of fun to read and so get my vote:

Artificial Love
The hapless Galactoids of Sponge

Honourable mention: How Orion Arm was won.
In Doubt, You Will Lose. - conquest of apathy

We are SILA - conquest of the relentless

The Roll of the Dice - conquest of opportunity
Puppet Master - conquest of sanity

To Boldly Go - conquest of the deep

Manifest Destiny - conquest of the ”savages”
This is my first time in the 100 and I must say, I really enjoyed reading these. Now, I like the 75 worder, but having that extra 25 changes the flow and gives more runaway to tell stories. I'll will be back!

Here's mine:

x- The Conquest of Ignorance - A playful rom-com of mythic proportions
y - Terrior - A fresh take on the drink of champions
z - The Ultimate Conquest - Weird Science meets Final Destination in this deadly tale
| - Dead Poet - A relatable allegory for a struggling writer like me!

Votes go to x and |
Justice Conquers All
The Man Who Conquered Death

How the Orion Arm was Won
The Greatest Lover in The Galaxy
I had a tough time choosing. I narrowed it down to a short list and then my 2 votes.
Dear Penthouse Editor
Game of Thrones
The Greatest Lover in The Galaxy
How the Orion Arm was Won
Gaia’s Toil - conquest of a new world

A Red Moon Rises - conquest of patriarchy

The Man Who Conquered Death - conquest of the ink
Dead Poet - conquest of the right words

Human Benny - conquest of temptation

Near Meetings of the Fourth Type - conquest of counting
Starred Warts - conquest of parody

The Greatest Lover in The Galaxy - conquest of libido

Psycho Logical - conquest of everyone else
Human Benny
Minicent Duffelbag and the snail that came to stay
The Greatest Lover in The Galaxy

Game of Thrones
Congratulations to our winner>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ELCKERLYC!!
for How the Orion Arm Was Won
This was a great challenge, as evidenced by quite an even spread of votes. Well done to all of you who participated!
A big hug of appreciation goes to @JS Wiig for taking the time to do a commentary for us.
And, lastly, but not in the least, many thanks to all who took the time to read through the entries and vote.

I will be posting the author list and spoiler list later. (Currently in bed nursing a migraine, so screen time limited. :confused:)

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