DISCUSSION THREAD -- AUGUST 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

I've received several new listings since my last posts, so thank you to emrosenagel, The Judge and Elckerlyc!

I voted earlier today, so I won't be changing things now, but here are my lists and vote:

genelewis, Victoria Silverwolf, Yozh, Teresa Edgerton, The Judge, Bren G

AnRoinnUltra, johnnyjet, therapist, mosaix, Christine Wheelwright

I could have voted for any of my finalists, but in the end I went for therapist's sweet story. I really enjoyed several bittersweet tales this month, and I thought there were some very good humorous takes on therapist's nice theme choice, too.

Now to see who ends up winning!
In rushing to publish the poll, I didn't set the flag to make the voting public... :oops:

...and as I and someone else have already voted, I can't now set that flag. :(

Anyway, feel free to say in this thread how you voted.

I voted for Over at the Headquarters of The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Barbarian Heroes.
Good luck to you both, in the tie-breaker! I nearly voted for johnnyjet earlier, so I went with jj here.
The tie-breakers I've been in have been a bit nerve-racking, so hang in there you two! The voting swings this way and that, but it will be over one day! ;) Best of luck, CC
I very much like and can relate to both stories but voted for @M. Robert Gibson.
It reminded me of my days working Ren-Fairs. I did my own costuming and leather/fur wears, all hand done. But there where many who bought the high end vinal and faux fur costumes that were very ornate and overly, quilted? Royalty actors maybe, but peasants?

Great stories from both of you!
I had a hard time choosing between those same two stories in the original voting, but having made the decision once, I thought I should stick with it, and voted for the same story again.

On another note, thank you to The Judge and Cat's Cradle for mentioning my story.
In my opinion this time around, no matter the vote, both have won. So, well done @M. Robert Gibson and @johnnyjet!
I can say as for my reasons for M. Robert Gibson here on Chrons, but as for johnnyjet, oh yes very much so!:). But not here on Chrons...Darn you!
Now on to next month. (I said too much, but in a good way. Darn you two!)
Kept with my vote for 'The cloak of insignificance' because I really like the idea. Reminds me of some advice I got once about starting a new job, 'if you ever want a bit of peace wander about with a ladder and nobody will bother you'. In any case good luck to both authors.

Condolences @Astro Pen
I did not mention or shortlist these 2 stories. And I have a hard time favoring one over the other. So I think I will abstain.
Wow! I've never been in a tiebreaker poll before. What an honor to be up against the illustrious @M. Robert Gibson. I will gladly vote for my opponent's story.
Me neither, and I'll do the same (vote for my esteemed colleague @johnnyjet )

And I'd like to thank everyone for the votes in the first round (y) : @paranoid marvin @Bowler1 @Daysman @JS Wiig @MatthewKusza @Sphinctus Bogstrider

and for all the mentions the first time around (y)
@THX1138 @Peter V @sule @Teresa Edgerton