DISCUSSION THREAD -- AUGUST 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge


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Jan 2, 2021
Time to put on your thinking caps and your writing kimonos because the August Challenge is here.

Genre: Science Fiction or Fantasy

Theme: Clothing
@genelewis .... Fool Me Twice .... Sometimes the clothes make the man, sometimes the clothes are in the can.

@THX1138 .... To Wear Ones Love .... Sometimes one wears his feelings on his sleeve.

@Omniwhere .... Email Response from Time After Time .... Sometimes clothes are timeless.

@reiver33 .... Aladdin Vain .... Sometimes what you wear is blindingly obvious.
Well, I'm in early... again. Before I can tinker too much.

Some great stories already, hoping for a bumper month!

Good luck all.
I'm going to polish my precious for a while yet - but not in a rude way, maybe I should have said tinker... no, that's not good either.
It's weird (my story), but sometimes you have to please yourself, and then hope others might like what you enter.

Great theme, therapist. Good stories so far, best of luck to those yet to enter, CC