Time Out Top 100 SF movies

My first reaction was mild surprise that Time Out is still going.

Otherwise, this is not a bad list.
It is a pretty decent list, A few movies that i haven't seen and it's nice to see such a mix of new and old.
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There were 23 films in that list I never heard of. Several more I haven't seen (yet).
I missed Interstellar, Alita, Dune (David Lynch version *), I Robot, Oblivion, Predestination and I could name several more I liked.
But it is all about personal preferences, really. Despite its importance in SF filmography, I never particularly liked the #1 in this list: 2001 A Space Odyssey.

* Dune at #99 and David Lynch's version missing tells me the person who put this list together probably is not a Dune fan.
The Mitchells vs. the Machines at #71
Of course there are some movies that i'd disagree with the placement. Every list is subjective and personally, i'm not sure how Black Panther got into it and yes, i too questioned The Michell's vs. the Machines.

There were a few interesting ones. The Endless, Alphaville and Seconds i've not heard of but they look very interesting.

I'm constantly surprised as to how many classic SF movies i have yet to see when confronted with thses lists.
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Never thought of Repo Man as a sci-fi movie. I guess it is, sort of. (love the movie, my profile pic is from another of the directors movies called Walker) Sad to see The Creation of the Humanoids missed, though it had mediocre special effects, the writing was excellent.

A couple other classics missed were Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) and Paper Man (1971) which is one of the first hacker movies.