The Walking Dead: Dead City


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Dec 23, 2011
I was certain someone would have already made a thread for this, but, could not find one. Is the series not yet available in Europe?

Anyway, S1 has a mere 6, count 'em, six episodes. #5 features the most wonderful walker I have yet seen. There is no TALKING DEAD, but there are after shows about behind the scenes action! :love: #6's show about the show was longer than #6, itself.

Interesting pairing of Maggie & Negan. Allies or enemies? JDM had some comments about his age and the things he was doing being a bit much.
The series is not in Europe and I was meant to do it, as you might have seen it in the TWD thread. I even asked about it before the show started, but there was only one reply, So I thought it was going to be another empty thread, where I speak on my own and I didn't want that. That's why I didn't write anything.
This particular installment of Walking Dead with Maggie and Megan was entertaining.
How many seasons will this show likely get. :unsure:

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