2.05 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Charades


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007

A shuttle accident leads to Spock's Vulcan DNA being removed by aliens, making him fully human and completely unprepared to face T'Pring's family during an important ceremonial dinner.
IMDB rating: 8.5 Runtime: 52 minutes
Oh, the synopsis reminds me of classical SF tropes with the body switches and ground hog days. The whole scenario is still usable and provides some of the funniest moments, wherever it's utilized. Thing is it's not that often, but it's almost guaranteed to happen in each SF series at some point just because of the comedy value.

Let's see how this goes because the ears for the Vulcan are the most valued thing...

While the captain takes a sub-impulse trek through Vulcan system, a science team preps to survey an ancient location on a dark side of a moon, where an ancient civilization once lived... and then vanished. Man, every civilization has their own 'Atlantis' stories. Vulcan also, and I wouldn't be surprised if Klingon's had one too.

Astro-archaeology is the thing we are going to have to do, because it's becoming obvious that we are not alone. There's just no way around it, because it's a method that supports our sciences because it's looking for the evidence of what happened and when?

I loved that Nurse Chapel had decided to apply for studentship in the Vulcan Academy of Sciences, but it surprised me how much she's in love with the evidence gathering and processing all the data. In a way, she has been more of doc than doc.

So she clearly isn't just a nurse, but a boffin.

Another thing that totally blew me away was Spock receiving cooking lessons from the Captain. The replicators aren't just a thing, but there's nothing out there that would provide the produce for captain's quarters. Nothing that would be market fresh. And yet, in each episode its fresh produce.

Does that mean that the Captain has a grow op going somewhere inside the Enterprise? Or does he use replicators to produce the ingredients for his kitchen?

Not that was all, as expected our favourite Vulcan was going to advance the love side, by T'Pring arranging a formal engagement dinner called V'Shal. It seems so that our Spock is going to be a husband or then some horrible happens, and the pride dies before Kirk takes over the Enterprise.

To be honest, I just don't recall Spock ever speaking of her in TOS or in the movies. To our Spock it was causing an internal problem and he was "looking forward for a momentary districation," by doing "flyby of the moon."

Who fiancée wouldn't want that? To escape from all that pressure, especially when it's your first time.


I get a sense that Captain wanted to fix the situation between Nurse Chapel and Spock. He is like a big daddy-o and the crew is his family. Maybe we should star calling him a Bear instead of Pike. Regardless, I am glad the flight happened, and those two were stuck in it with each other.

Spock was usually reserved, not wanting to speak about the feeling, while that was exactly what Chapel expected to happen. Instead, it was shop talking about doing "Archaeological Medicine" on Kerkhovian's lost society.

When they scanned the ruins, the shuttle detected an anomalous energy signature. A vortex or "rupture of spacetime" that formed over the location, causing serious risk for the flight.

Why do we have another TT anomaly?


With Spock behind the wheels, there was no way of getting out of it as the shuttle was steered straight into it. A few moments later and Spock found himself inside the medbay, looking at the trio, captain, nurse and doc looking very worried.

I loved that Spock blew out an F-bomb when the trio finally told him that he'd been cured of Vulcanism. The ears, the brows, the by-the-book attitude completely gone.

Slightly panicking, Cpt ordered First and Sec Officer to do a sweep on shuttle and they found an alien 'calling card.' Uhura was more than happy to make a call. On the other end, an energy form answered, and the situation became a First Contact.


"Hello, I'm Kherkovian called Yellow." Two things, the Fed signature library had a match for the Universal Translator to do the work. Second, they were totally familiar with the on-screen talks, and therefore it was only logical to assume Vulcan's knew about them, but said nothing.
She explained that the shuttle had collided with their transport tunnel, and therefore they had fixed the situation by returning Spock to normal. They claimed that they fixed the conflict inside Spock and therefore caused no harm.

"Thanks are not required," Yellow stated. :ROFLMAO:

Back in the sickbay Doc claimed the usual, "We are working on a cure," without having an idea on how to turn Spock back to half-vulcan. But that didn't drive Spock to bananas, it was the official dinner and T'Pring's mum resentment on humans.

While Nurse was working on the cure, Captain ordered Spock to take it easy on the social occasions. It was so much fun on watching Spock finding all the fun on being a human. So much so that he was smashing it in his face, like for example that bacon.

Speaking of other bacon, it wasn't surprised that Vulcan Academy officer wasn't impressed by Chapel's essay. He couldn't understand she had written it as if she'd owned the material, and it surprised me that the Acedemy didn't think free thinkers as a good material.

Maybe there is a reason for why they'd ignored Kerkovian's living in their system and being higher dimensional beings. Then the expected unexpected happened as Spock's mum beamed on board to check on the boy and he turned up like this...


Very convincing. :ROFLMAO: Not. :LOL:

When mum asked, Spock claimed it to be "regulation." :ROFLMAO: Very convincingly. Mum not really thinking that her son was lying to save his *ss, she pushed the dinner. And then it was too late, as Spock removed the hat and revealed his human side.

Mum freaked out, because that's what they do, and she pushed the reversal. Only Chapel hadn't figured it out and the son wasn't himself to aid in the process. She also explained that T'Pring's family was set for Vulcan values and they'd accepted the union because of Sarek connection.

Greed for money is one thing. Greed for power is another. I'd say that Spock should ef the family and say to her to choose between him and the family. Spock wasn't in it because of love, but because of Vulcan customs.

Yet, he wasn't willing to cast aside the battle without giving a try to make himself Spock again. The biggest hurdle for him was handling the Mind Melt as for some reason it was part of their ritual.

Nurse Chapel couldn't find a solution as the cells were losing their memory. So she opted to make the original perpetrators to do it, by placing a call "to interdimensional Ancient Aliens at the portal."

I hated when the dinner actually happened and T'Pring's mum walked in openly racist. If I'd had been in Pike's shoes, I would have done some irreversible. It surprised me that Spock didn't smack her or let out a few insults.

So I actually enjoyed Chapel making the call with the girls to save Spock's *ss. The crazy manoeuvre of jamming the shuttle in the transport corridor was the way to make their attention noticed. She had to confess her love for Yellow to be able to turn him back. So the cure was provided and Spock was able to finish the ritual, for the cost of losing his love to Nurse Chapel.


I loved Spock telling T'Pring's mum how things are, before he was cured. Just to shut her filthy mouth.
With respect to Pike's fresh produce, the first time we see Sulu in TOS he was working in hydroponics.
classical SF tropes with the body switches and ground hog days
To me, the first half seemed like it was going to be fast and loose with canon again, a little hackneyed, too obviously sentimental, and derivative of DS9 with the wormhole and Pah-wraiths. However, I managed to get over that. I enjoyed the second half, and was glad that Spock, could for the first time, understand and acknowledge the sacrifices made by Amanda Grayson to marry a Vulcan.
The deepest dive into Vulcan/Human emotional contrasts I can remember -- and the funniest.
It was a comedy episode, but of that kind in TNG where Worf was made to feel uncomfortable, or where Lwaxana Troi acted outrageously. I never found those very funny, sorry! However, worth it for the "emotional contrasts" as you say. T'Pring's father was far more laid back than her mother, and that was amusing.
I just don't recall Spock ever speaking of her in TOS or in the movies.
Amok Time?
Yes, following that episode Spock was free of her, thanks to him fighting Kirk in mortal contact.

This episode explains why that Spock won't need to see her again until then (his next Pon Farr.)

Free of that relationship with T'Pring in TOS, Spock could then have got together with Nurse Chapel. Obviously, this SNW part of the story doesn't end here, because while in TOS they have something between them, it isn't a current relationship, and I think this suggests it is finished, and is over by then.
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