India set to launch lunar orbiter, lander and rover July 14th

Robert Zwilling

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Jun 12, 2018
India's third lunar exploration mission. This is the second attempt to put an orbiter, lander and rover combination at the Moon. The first attempt the lander and rover didn't survive the landing. The lunar orbiter is still working. In 2013 India put an orbiter around Mars for a couple of years for the unheard of price of 73 million dollars, now they are spending a couple of billion dollars a year. India is working on a reusable rocket-launch technology. They have built a miniature version of their space plane and tested the prototype in phases. The system for carrying astronauts will have an escape system if the launch fails. Original plan was to have a man on the Moon by 2020. The next date for astronauts in space flight was by 2022. But then everyone's running behind schedule. Along with China, Russia, and the US, they are still on track for manned space flight to somewhere besides low earth orbit by the end of the decade.