Legion of Bones - out soon!

Toby Frost

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Jan 22, 2008
For a thousand years, the sorcerer Constantin Leth has plagued the world with his evil magic. Now there’s a huge bounty on his head, and Giulia Degarno intends to collect it.

But when Leth springs a trap on his pursuers, Giulia’s mission becomes personal. To bring him to justice, she will need the help of Pietro Sepello, an ambitious hunter of the living dead, and Prince Mavlio DeFalci, the cunning ruler of the city-state of Astrago - dangerous men with secrets to hide.

But Leth has plans of his own, plans centuries in the making. Now Giulia faces not just one enemy, but an army of the living dead.

Legion of Bones, the third fantasy novel in the Dark Renaissance series will be out soon! The front cover's looking good and the text - edited by @TheDustyZebra isn't bad either. I've just got to get Amazon to put them together!

Front Cover.jpg
I think I've only read the first in the series, but I'm either 2 or 10% from finishing Procopius off (unsure if the last bit is a bibliography etc). If I remember, when I finish I'll give these a look.

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