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Jun 30, 2023
My author's name is KB Updike Jr. I've been published in the Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Word Riot, the Circle, MetaStellar, Piker Press, the Lothlorien Poetry Journal, and Spank the Carp. I'm from the suburbs of Richmond, Va. I'm asexual. My religion is the Individuate Church, a joke religion, a fictional religion, and a spiritual path of consciousness expansion.

Most of my previously published and unpublished short stories are available for free on my website, . Here's a list of links to recently published stories:

Melvin’s Progression - speculative short story - "Melvin's Progression" in MetaStellar
The Tragedy of Jonathon by K.B. Updike Jr - short story speculative fiction - "The Tragedy of Jonathon" in the Piker Press
Agarial's Plight - Flash Fiction Story - by KB Updike Jr - "Agarial's Plight" in Lothlorien Poetry Journal

I am talking to a small time publisher about releasing my urban fantasy book, Eschillion Key . It is a reverse Bible allegory of short stories about finding an anarchist paradise. In the meantime, you can read it free here or buy a copy from lulu here. It will always be available for free.

It is a goal of mine to keep my writings available at zero dollars and zero cents forever.

I wrote a 70 page dark fantasy novella called Pit. To improve the quality of the style, after writing it, I converted it into a spontaneous free verse form. You can read it here for free or pick up a self published copy here.
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