Imaginary or magical weapons used in famous works of fantasy or fiction


Jun 5, 2023
Imagination and design of weapons used in fantasy or science fiction works is one of my favorites in the field of fantasy and fiction literature.
In this topic, we share the ideas of fantasy or magical or imaginary weapons that are mentioned in famous works.

Talking weapon​

In the Nightside book series, one of the deadliest magical weapons is the talking weapon. This weapon destroys the target by saying its name in reverse. An angel or a demon is defenseless against this weapon.
One of the interesting ideas I found about the talking weapon is this picture.

Original image reference
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The Bloodstone Ring from Karl Edward Wagners Novel Bloodstone . The ring is the matching half to gigantic 100 years across Bloodstone crystal entity. It's product of Alien science . The user can channel massive destructive energy . The soul of anyone Anyone killed by the bloodstone became trapped inside of it and sham life under the power of the Stone. It's quite nasty
Steam yacht, the Alert, able to ram Cthulhu hard enough that Cthulhu stopped following.

Or was it really a Star Spawn and not Cthulhu? After all, whoever it was, it's not like they announced themselves in any way comprehended by Gustaf Johansen. Or maybe it was really... Oh wait. This is not the time or place for this.
From Warhammer Gotrek and Felix. Gotrek's Runemasters Axe makes him all but invincible in battle and Felix is armed with mystic sword Sword Karagul .
The Armor of Bartuc from the novel Diablo Legacy of Blood by Richard Knaak. Whoever puts on this armor get possessed by it and not in a good way at all. Bartuc was known as the Warrior of Blood and fr a very good reason.
The RuneStaff wielded by Dorian HawkMoon Its the nemesis is the Black Sword . It crease the probability of victory to whom ever wields it . It sore of remind me of the Spear of destiny

The Cold Sword This version needled by Urlik Skarsol an other incarnation of the Eternal Champion . It's the most powerful incarnation of the Black Sword in, that the user has less control over it . It act on own initiative in the taking of life.
Wirikidor that is the name of the sword wielded by Valder of Kardoret , he is the main character in the fans novel The Mis-Enchanted Sword by Lawrence Watts -Evens. It's also called Mis-enchanted sword because the is problem with enchantment by the Wizard that crafted it . It abpsultely protect the wielder and kills anyone who try to hurt the User but after drawn acetic number of time, it will kill Valdor . Also he can't die at all until draws it for the last time. It's quite nasty.
The Ruby Hilted Dagger of Shada Logoth found by Mat Cauthon . This daggers problem is the city in which is was found Shada Light is city long abandoned and ever inside the city is corrupted by a Taint. The Dagger is obviously contaminated too, It very quickly y corrupt Mat . The other problem is a scratch from the dagger causes rapid festering and blackening of the body ending in an agonizing death.
The Sword of Shaara by Terry Brooks
The Sword of Truth from Terry Goodkind's Series
Morgaine's Sword from the Morgan series by C J Cherryh (Don't know the name but at it tip is dimension gate which send here enemies to a dimensional limbo of the lost .)
The Subtle Knife from Philip Pullman's book of the same name . Enables the user to be able to pass between dimension
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