Trilogy:endentured servant (slave) becomes Duchess battle advisor.


May 5, 2020
Sword and sorcery. Heavier on the sword. Adult fantasy Novel.Hero has been an endentured servant for and indef period of time. He offended church Doctrine when he was a kind of Knight Scholar and his sentence is indefinite (in effect, life). He and a buddy are working in a quarry (? ) and go to help a friend who has been injured. Their overseer will bring them trouble but some knights escorting a duchess show up followed by unknown enemies. The enemies are very fierce. Some knights are killed but the party falls back to a somewhat defensible church. They escape (I don’t remember how) but the duchess recognizes good counsel from the MC. She slowly comes to trust his advice. She is a widow and various lords want to marry her for her land and title, including one who betrays her and locks her out of her city. The MC organizes a night raid thru the sewers and takes the city.

The enemies turn out to be an invading force. MC contributes to defense but must fend off enemies within his own side. One of the smaller knife fighters turns out to be a deadly assassin but also a girl masquerading as a boy.she and the MC eventually become a couple, marry in third book I think.

I read this as an ebook. Sometime during Covid. Would appreciate any leads.
This may not be what you looking for but you want to check out the The Dragon Waiting by John M Ford its a standalone novel and its come back into recently
Thanks for the tip. A coincidence of names, Daniel M Ford is the author of the Paladin Trilogy. One of the two or three best fantasy trilogies I have ever read.

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