Tutankhamun a warrior, fragile Pharaoh no more.


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Jun 10, 2007
I saw mention of this the other day and remembered reading this article a couple of months back. Reading the comments to the newspaper article this week was just painful, as well as the on so original remarks about Cleopatra and skin colour there were also idiotic comments such as How could he be battle hardened at 19? If he was a successful warrior where are the records of his victories? Well do artefacts from his tomb count?
The life expectancy in Egypt was mod 30's Our was about 19 years old when he died. :unsure::(
In terms of Egyptian History , he was at best a minor Pharaoh and were it not for Howard Cater discovery of his Tomb in 1922 , he'd be largely forgotten.
There's many examples of Kings etc fighting from a young age, so being 19 and having fought battles would not be unusual.

The clubbed foot theory sounds like lazy research to me. Not that the Pharaoh would have to walk to be a warrior, not being a foot soldier and being more of a General directing events. So he could easily have been weak in body as such, but if he'd been willing to order enemy heads lopped off by his army then job done, he would have been a hard ruler.
Pharaohs were most likely in chariots during a battle with spear and bow. A hand-to hand combat was more likely a ceremonial form of prisoner execution to enforce the Pharaohs position as a god (lower case).

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