DISCUSSION THREAD -- JUNE 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

What can I say?

Well perhaps by thanking @ elvet for that deciding vote.

I think I maybe got a but lucky @ Starbeast and maybe it was a bit of a birthday present. I certainly could not have complained, nor would I have been surprised, had you won, as I thought your tale edged what I believe to be an extremely strong field.

So thanks again to everyone who voted my way, or mentioned my entry and thank you Parson and Victoria for taking the time to review every entry.

Now I need to get my muse drunk in order for her to divulge an idea or two for next months theme.

Congrats to @Peter V on a well deserved victory!

For my own tale, thanks to @M. Robert Gibson, @The Judge, and @Daysman for the mentions/listings/whatnot, and also, and especially, thanks to @AnRoinnUltra for the vote. I was a little impulsive with my story this month; an idea popped into my head that (I thought) ticked all three boxes of the trifecta theme and I couldn't get myself to sit on it.
Now I need to get my muse drunk
Is it possible to get your muse drunk without getting drunk yourself? Sometimes I think I could use some fresher (better?) ideas but I gave up alcohol a while back.