Future Dreams and Nightmares - Brand New Anthology of Science Fiction Short Stories

Donald Firesmith

May 24, 2023
I am proud to announce the May 27th publication of my latest book, Future Dreams and Nightmares, an anthology of 11 science fiction short stories.

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Multi-award-winning speculative fiction author Donald Firesmith brings you 11 science fiction gems that will teleport you into futures of dreams and nightmares. If you enjoyed episodes of the TV series The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, then this book is for you.

  1. Memories: Who among us hasn’t had terrible memories they would like to permanently delete from their memories? However, some memories just aren’t meant to be forgotten.
  2. Mind Trap: What might happen when the ability to download one’s mind into a cloned or robotic body is abused?
  3. A Mind Full of Memories: Sometimes, healing a patient can violate a doctor’s oath to do no harm.
  4. Everlife: Many stories have included the idea of increasing longevity by downloading one’s mind into a clone when one is old or sick. But how would such an ability interact with the crime of murder when the victim can return from the dead?
  5. Original Equipment: Medical technology meets the ancient Greek legend, The Ship of Theseus.
  6. A Jump Too Far: The unexpected danger of jumping between timelines instead of time travel within a single timeline.
  7. We Service All: A lonely spacer’s visit to an alien brothel turns out to be exactly what he needed.
  8. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Unexpected pregnancies result from first contact with an alien species having an unexpected means of mating.
  9. History is Written: A boy learns the truth about the government-approved history he learned in school.
  10. Arianna: A man uses a time machine to undo his greatest regret.
  11. To Serve and Protect: Time travel is used to undo humanity’s extinction.

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