May / June 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2023 Discussion

As a reminder:
This is the thread for discussions, comments, reviews (for anyone who wishes to do so), and anything else pertinent to the challenge.
If you would like to do reviews, remember to include all submissions including your own if you've entered.
Good 'LUCK' everyone!
I’m the Luckiest Thief Alive - out of the frying pan and into the…not fire?

The Immigration Office - when in Rome…

Retirement Gift - there’s always time for more screwing
Call It What You Will - potatoe potatoh

The Twig That Granted His Wish - the joys a simple stick can bring

The Lament of the Frustrated Reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy (With Apologies to Creedence Clearwater Revival) - sung to the tune of…
Try Your Luck on Tyche - some places despise winners

A Lucky Find (And A Loss) - finders keepers nope not this time

Better Off Dead? - war is hell
Only 2 weeks to go to try your LUCK.
Some great stories so far, with 7 authors participating.
Buttonhole - sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good

The Luck of Bon Gobbonticle - they say you can never go back

Waste of Life - gesundheit
Sorry, folks. I may be late with the Poll. I am in the throws of a migraine, and may not be able to get things organized for today.
On the plus side, there will be more time for submissions.
Seconding what @THX1138 wrote, migraines are nasty things from what I hear of them -I'd say a computer screen does them no good either, hope it passes painlessly.
the world lies waiting - so much in the simple flip of a coin

Good Luck Will Rub Off - too much good luck = bad luck

A Fist Full of Luck - Clint Eastwood mashup
The Changing of the Charms - with a little (a lot) of milk might be ok?

Marion Morrison on the Lucky Sod Story Show - when luck runs out
Voted for Good Luck Will Rub Off and Buttonhole

Sence there are not that many entries as usual, everyone else!
A lot of good and fun stories.
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I voted for Better off Dead and Retirement Gift
I was intrigued by A Lucky Find but i'm not sure I understood it.
Since it was such a small field, just the one runner up
The Changing of the Charms

With the votes going to
The Immigration Office
Voted for:

Marion Morrison on the Lucky Sod Story Show ...You'll lose it if you take it off.
A Lucky Find (And A Loss) ...See what happens when a language goes out of fashion.

Almost voted for:

Retirement Gift ...That snakey Monivati
The Immigration Office ...Wash your hands

Thanks @elvet for keeping the show on the road, good luck all (y)

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