DISCUSSION THREAD -- MAY 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

Voted for:

Commander Mike Harris: An Observation of Rational Inner Monologue Versus OCD by @Peter V
Great story, and seemed to describe clearly how the mind can play tricks. I think this is a universal thing, and that the author hit the nail on the head. I've been surprised by people I've known for years suddenly coming out with something like 'I can't use that, it's slightly off center ...I know it makes no difference but I just can't'.
(@Parson 's gaming entry would've gone close to a vote for a similar 'just have to finish the game' reason ...rules, they're getting out of hand -first: 'do not kill', then: 'every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers', then: 'no smoking', and now this;)

I also really liked:

The Cure by @Victoria Silverwolf ...'how'd ya manage to come off the drink?', 'I got myself addicted to heroin instead'

That Boy from Beta Prime by @Cat's Cradle ...for being unique, and rhythmic.

Hero of an Empty Grave by @Starbeast ...Left it all to the imagination, great stuff.

Thanks all for the stories, and for the reviews (y)
Thank you @ BigJ, @ mosaix and @ AnRoinnUltra for your vote and @ Yozh for the mention

@ AnRoinnUltra I appreciate your observation and comment. I cannot expand or add personal context, as at this time I think would be contravening the rules of the competition but hopefully after, I can shed some light on the roots of my tale. All I will say that after weeks with not an inkling of an idea, once I started it was probably the quickest to write and least edited of all of my 75 entries. Strange how something can suddenly kick in.

I have had a read through of the entries and already know that I am going to struggle to decide where to vote. I think I have narrowed it down to six...
Congrats, everyone - really good entries this Challenge, all inspired by a terrific theme.

Here is my list, and vote:


Victoria Silverwolf, Astro Pen, johnnyjet, Far Stranger, Phyrebrat, mosaix, Peter V, Bren G, The Judge


I was torn between johnnyjet and Far Stranger, but cast my vote for johnnyjet's wonderfully strange entry, in the end.

I want to thank Yozh, THX1138, johnnyjet, Victoria Silverwolf, Hugh, and AnRoinnUltra for the lovely listings.
And a huge Wow, thanks! to reddishbird for the vote. My wife and I finally caught a good case of COVID early this month, and it felt I'd only have one sentence in me to give to the Challenge. Fortunately I seem to have written a half-way decent one.

Good luck in the voting, these last two days, all! Looks to be a close one, CC
A good deal of obsessive behaviour this month, though to my (rules-obsessive) mind not everyone hit the theme and genre.

My shortlist:

AnRoinnUltra -- Obsessive Persuasive Disorder
Cat's Cradle -- That Boy From Beta Prime
JS Wiig -- Beta Polari
Peter V -- Commander Mike Harris: An Observation...
reiver33 -- Invisible
rejndzer87 -- The cost
Ursa major -- Just Imagine the Conversation...
Victoria Silverwolf -- The Cure

After a good deal of mental back and forth, I went with ARN's tale of a worry that won't go away.

Tweaked writerly thanks for the lovely mentions THX, Hugh, CC, Strbeast, Luiglin and emrosenagel! And Obsessive Just-Need-To-Make-It-Perfect thanks for the gorgeous vote Ambrose!