World’s Last Turntable Ferry

From the 70s, I have a vague memory of using this ferry or one very like it on a touring holiday of the west coast of Scotland.
Apparently there were a few of them doing the rounds (so to speak;))
Can't beat that sort of ferry. I mind them from my childhood too. I also had a few trips on the kind which puts up aside the jetty, and you have to jump/scramble/pray as the wave brings you level.

It's wonderful to see that this boat has been saved and, at 50-something years old, it should still have some life left in her.
According to the article, the ferry is so well balanced that one person can turn it. This reminds me of the Falkirk Wheel, which (again) is so incredibly well balanced that it takes only 1.5kW to move it. That’s the same as about 8 electric kettles.

I’ve been in a barge during a lift and it’s certainly worth visiting.

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