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Apr 30, 2023
Good day everyone,

Looking for the short story name and author for a piece that appeared in OMNI magazine, was probably early 1980's.

The story was about a jester of some sort alone in a large room where there sits a king on a throne. The jester does everything in his power to get the king to react to his antics to no avail, until finally the king starts moaning. I remember a line similar to, "Tonight I shall dance for the king. Tonight I shall caper and cavort for the king. The king sits alone on his throne made of stone..."

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Its been bothering me for years.
Do you remember the cover illustration?
The story does not ring a bell, but the contents for Omni can be found here if you want to search:

Thank you, hitmouse. I dont remember the cover art and I've been checking through the issues without success, thank you for the link though. I looked forward to every time a new magazine came out when I was young, it was my favorite.

All I can think of is the tale of the jester who went too far and had to save himself with his wit. Essentially one day he slapped the King on the arse and the king was less than amused. He ordered his execution. But because of his jester's long, faithful and amusing service he gave the jester one boon. That he could choose the manner of his death. And the jester promptly told him he'd like to die of old age!

Cheers, Greg.

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