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Jul 13, 2021
I've just read the long-awaited 7th "Mistborn" novel. Lost quite a lot of sleep to it - a real page turner. Some hopefully not-too-spoilery thoughts:

Wayne is much more prominent in this one. It's arguably more his story than Wax's. I liked seeing how the working relationship between Wayne and Marasi has evolved over the last few years, and even the side-plot featuring Steris gives her plenty to do. If "Alloy of Law" was a Western, this is a high-stakes techno-thriller. As hinted in the previous book, interference from beyond the world of Scadrial has become much more obvious - people and powers from at least 3 other worlds are in play here, and Hoid is more visible than in any other Mistborn novel I suspect that's one reason for the long gap - Sanderson wanted to develop other parts of his universe further before bringing them into contact with "Mistborn". Overall, I'm very impressed.

Anyone else read this yet?