(Found) Not a lot to go on, but here goes


May 14, 2022
I'm looking for a book I read when I was living on the streets. Due to the fact I was often intoxicated when I was homeless, I don't remember much of the book, and I didn't read all of it. What I do remember though, I keep on remembering & seeing as I've found almost all of the other books that kept me sane during those difficult years, I'd really like to find this too.

What I can remember is this:

He wakes up on the bottom of the ocean & realises his carapace is damaged. He manages to get back to his ship, which is also submerged, I think he gets attacked by some creatures on the way(?). Once he's back in his ship the next part is mainly him assessing why he's there, trying to fix the ship, trying to access the ships computers, etc. I think he talks about how his (parent?)/(sire?)/the person above him has control over him & that's how it works with their species.
At some point he realises he has been bitten by large leeches. A short time afterwards he realises he's stronger than he was, then his carapace starts to split open & he is changing. He also starts to be able to bypass whatever mental control his parent had over him. Eventually he finds some data in the ship computer about his species interacting with the leeches in the past; they changed them into more powerful versions of themselves & his (government?)/people in charge of his home world deemed anyone touched by the leeches to be against them, as the last time they had tried to overthrow them.

It's full of holes & I'm really not expecting much :') but if anyone recognises any part of this I'll be very grateful!

Also if any questions please ask as hopefully they'll jog my memory
I was coming back to tell you it was Spatterjay book 2 The voyage of the sable keech.

The adventures you describe happen to a Prador first child called Vrell.
But it looks like you've found that info now. :)
I've been toying with the idea of posting on here about it for over a year, but I really didn't think there was enough to go off of. I'm really glad to have found them & even moreso to find out it's a 20+ book series! Thanks again
Sounds like Orbus.

Orbus Neal Asher.jpg

The third (and my favourite) of the Spatterjay Trilogy