Every TV series starts with episode one


Getting away with it
Sep 23, 2006
The edge of the world. Yes, really.
Every TV programme, regardless of genre or format, had its first episode. Made with no knowledge of audience figures, or if the show would last multiple seasons or become an all-time favourite of thousands, or if it would be a forgotten damp squib, cancelled very quickly.

In sitcoms and comedies, the catchphrases and in-jokes are yet to be established, in documentaries the style and ‘swagger’ might at first be ragged and uncertain.
In short, a debut episode of anything has a unique charm and appeal of its own

This thread is dedicated to every such first episode, first season/series of course.

Just got done watching this series, I quite enjoyed it. It's a partial clip, however this is how the first episode starts. And it was 'Justified'.
Neither of those appear to be available in the UK, Vince - I've got the dreaded "This video is not available in your region" screen.:confused:
I have to say I found the 1st episode of Not the nine o'clock news rather disappointing; both when I watched it yesterday and when it was first broadcast.

As I recall the second episode was better.

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