Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi - Season 1: Part 6

This would make sense if Bladerunner was a hit. Clearly spectacle alone doesn't drive ticket sales.
Yes but I am not sure it was all that exciting in the FX department. It did not push the envelope and they advertised that movie as a Raiders-style adventure and it wasn't. Plus it had a lot of competition too.

I am not sure I would even consider it a film noir because Deckard is not a very loquacious (ignoring the narration) like traditional detectives and (surprise!) he isn't very successful --- he ends up needing to be saved by the replicant he is chasing.

I don't see how Luke follows the hero's journey since his biggest achievement is blowing up the Death Star. If the series had ended there then it would achieve the main heroic point--the coming of age of the young warrior, but then it goes off into the personal drama.
Father atonement is not found in all historical epics.
Odysseus does not need to reconcile with his father. He needs to get rid of the suitors to reclaim his throne and family.
Visiting his father seems to be more about closing all loose ends rather than a major concern for him.
Likewise with Aeneas.

In Luke's case, the father atonement becomes the major issue.
Similar thing with Batman and Superman--the role of the father--or the parents, becomes a major thing. Especially as time went on. Batman--it became the obsession!

Zorro has some father atonement in the first story (his father thinks he is a wimp) but it's not the driving thing for him.

Mark Hamill once said that he felt Han Solo was the cooler character.
In Prince Valiant, the Han Solo of the story (Sir Gawain) is also the Obi Wan Kenobi. He is the mentor for Valiant.
About the battles, the only thing I remembered in terms of what I experienced is that Leia was hot in that bikini (although I realized it only when I got older), and Jabba looked funny when he got killed, with his tongue hanging out. What a maroon. LOL.

For the Emperor, his demise was less comical, but I didn't feel that he was defeated thanks solely to Vader. Rather, they were able to tag-team against him until the villain got a taste of his own medicine. That's why I wrote it was less comical but not absent of what I thought was humorous then.
Auralnauts' redub/re-imagining ep1 is now on YouTube. Purest joy from start to finish.

Just inhaled all 6 episodes of this, too.... particlarly liked the reimagining of Reva / Anakin, and the unreliably-narrated final duel. And I honestly choked up a little when Qi-gon found his tortilla.

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