DISCUSSION THREAD -- 300 Word Writing Challenge #49 (April 2023)

Thank you for the mentions, Yozh and Chrispy, and also the always wonderful Starbeast.

I was very taken by a few stories, this time, particularly
@Parson who wrote something with a Fahrenheit 451 feel (in my head, at least) of forbidden portals to escapism in storyland;
@Ursa major's empathetical cautionary tale for genies who should know better the double-edged sword of wishes;
@Jo Zebedee and her story of what every pet owner might wish for (yet every reader of The Monkey's Paw would fear); and
@Phyrebrat, whose story of homely horror is the stuff of childhood nightmares come back to haunt you with eldritch screams.

However, I had to vote for:
@Christine Wheelwright's superb take on transgressive love, something which has been done before, but was achieved with a novel spin;
@Guttersnipe's bittersweet tale of infatuation with vampires, again something seen before, but with a subtext so redolent of our own reality; and
@Yozh, who created the ultimate reminder to think before using gene splicing for biostructural engineered habitats, something both amusing and grimly horrific.
The poll has now closed and we have a winner:

Congratulations, Yozh!
Wow, I am glad so many people enjoyed this story! Thank you all for the votes and shortlists.

I had fun reading all the entries this round. Interesting to see what ideas we all project onto the door lamp.

That lantern just really reminded me of an anglerfish, so I puzzled how to make it into a building. The pseudo-second-person "tour guide" style was inspired by Julie Otsuka's book "The Swimmers" which I'd read in the winter. I thought it would be fun to play with this sort of voice in a short piece.
Many congratulations to Yozh on obtaining victory in a very close race!

Equal congratulations to Phyrebrat for the silver medal.

(I'll gladly split the bronze with Jo Zebedee. That's fine company to stand with.)
Likewise! Well done, Yozh, a great entry and commiserations to the bridesmaid who looks delightful in pink
Congrats @Yozh .

Thanks to @Perpetual Man , @Wayne Mack , @JS Wiig and @otaylor for the votes + the mentions folks.

My first effort was a tale of a Will o the Wisp, employed as a overworked lantern light who suffered burnout. The story didn't go anywhere though. I wanted the second to be about a hunter who turned into the prey. Quite happy with the result but didn't enjoy writing it.
Congratulations, @Yozh! And fine Challenge, everyone.

Huge thanks to those who listed, or voted for, my story, CC

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