DISCUSSION THREAD -- 300 Word Writing Challenge #49 (April 2023)

I’d never written a word till I joined Chrons. Early influences on me were Jo (Springs that was), Harebrain, TJ and Mouse. There were many others who have since left.

My point is — this place has been responsible for all my growth. The brutal crits, the failed entries, the support and care; you’re in good care here and I certainly find your stories on my lists :)
Yep my growth has pretty much came from here, too.
Thank you @ Victoria Silverwolf, @ Rafellin and @ Luiglin for kindly voting for me and also @ Wayne Mack for the listing, appreciated as always.

Thanks you too @Parson and @ Victoria Silverwolf again for your customary but nonetheless appreciated reviews.

Now to get reading. I am sure as always there will be a lot of high quality offerings to mull over and to sow consternation at only having a paltry three votes to bestow...
Voting early for me, as I won't have time tomorrow. (Busy tonight, too, so a rushed post!)

My shortlist:

Appello -- Post Tenebras Lux
Astro Pen -- Silent Justice
BigJ -- Til Death Us Do Part
Cat's Cradle -- A Blunder of Dodos
Christine Wheelwright -- A Crime of The Flesh
johnnyjet -- From a Door to a Window ... and Beyond
Luiglin -- To Sport as of Kings
Peter V -- An Old Curiosity Shop
Perpetual Man -- Endings...
Phyrebrat -- Stone Snitch
Victoria Silverwolf -- The Room at the Drago Volante
Yozh -- Natural Light

My votes go to Appello for a door of hope, Victoria for a door to horror, and Yozh for a door of danger.

Many Ritual Opening Portal thanks for the lovely shortlistings MRG, Christine and paranoid marvin, and huge A-Door-able Coronation Co-ordinated thanks for the wonderful vote Yozh, Parson and Wayne!
Late voting, and I went with @Phyrebrat @Yozh and @Perpetual Man, though I ummed and ahhed for a good long time. And I've just seen that I've voted for the two leaders, which means that - urgh - if we have a tiebreak I'll actually have to make a choice!

Some very honourable mentions for @THX1138, @The Judge, @Jo Zebedee, @Guttersnipe, @AnRoinnUltra, @Victoria Silverwolf, and @Christine Wheelwright. Well done everybody, I think the standard of entries for this month is as high as it's been for a very long time.

Oh, and a special award for @Starbeast, just because, well, he rules.
My cataracts are removed, my new glasses arrived, and I can read the computer screen again!
Short list ranto:- Abernovo, Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, BigJ, Til Death Do Us Part, Elckerlyc The Life of Tim [Human], emrosenagel, A Flame in the Dark, Guttersnipe, To Turn or Not to Turn, Jo Zebedee, Hope Street, The Judge, The Door and Ursa major, Be Careful What is Wished For, though there were plenty of others I might have included.

Sorry I didn't manage to enter anything this time - reduced vision seems to decrease musification, for some reason (or perchance was but the lack of a braille keyboard).

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