DISCUSSION THREAD -- APRIL 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

As I rather suspected would happen when I learned of the theme, to my mind there are a good many stories which are fine in themselves but don't really deal with the issue of liminality as I see it, but there were still enough left that I had to whittle things down to a shortlist.

Cat's Cradle -- The Harvest
Christine Wheelwright -- Metamorphosis
Elckerlyc -- If
emrosenagel -- Hair of the Dog
JS Wiig -- Into the Night
Luiglin -- Now
THX1138 -- Suspended in Twilight
Victoria Silverwolf -- Rebirth

After a good deal of cogitation and toing-and-froing, backwards-and-forwarding, where (liminally enough) I was in a state of terminal indecision I plumped for Victoria's evolutionary tale.

Many ghostly ocean's edges thanks for the lovely mentions and shortlistings Christine, Victoria, Starbeast, AnRoinnUltra, Phyrebrat, CC (extra thanks for the special prize!), Hugh, Bren G and Luiglin!
It came down to 3 entries who best captured the idea of liminality, in different ways, for me.

@Dan Jones, with his unsettling and ethereal doorway to the past;
@mosaix, who neatly flipped the anthropological idea of liminality on its head, and
@emrosenagel, whose creature was stuck in an unhappy limbo between two states.

emrosenagel got the vote, after some deliberation.
Ding ding! Love a tiebreaker. Both excellent stories, but I went for @emrosenagel for a different take on liminality that still captured the feel of the theme.

Well done both!

Thanks for all the mentions of my entry, and to my poddy buddies @Phyrebrat and @AnRoinnUltra for the votes. It wasn't a fix, honest. I think.