DISCUSSION THREAD -- APRIL 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

I think I'll have a go at being @The Judge here for a moment. A liminal song:

There was a rich old king
who had a thousand men
He marched them up a hill one day
And marched them down again
And when you're up, you're up
And when you're down, you're down
And when you're only half way up
You're neither up, nor down.

(We sang this in Sunday School when I was a kid, the high light was standing up and sitting down in the bench as the song was sung. And the coup de gras was standing half way up. It's only been in recent years that I wondered if it was a bit bawdy. And only in the last year, maybe two that I heard the English version, "The Grand Old Duke of York.")
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@Yozh .... To be of service .... explores the liminality of military service.
Well I'm in, and quite early for me. I hope I've got the theme right. Looking forward to relaxing now and reading the stories as they come in.
@BigJ .... Becoming Twenty-First Century Man .... A story which shines a light on the trepidation with moving through a liminal social endeavor.
*This one made me laugh! Well done.

@paranoid marvin .... Undying Love .... A story about the liminal connection between love and life.

@Guttersnipe .... The Queue .... A story about liminal waiting.

@JS Wiig .... Into the Night .... A liminal report filled with curiosity.
@Bowler1 .... Tomorrow and Beyond .... A story that illustrates the liminal intersection between mellowness and maudlin despair is thin indeed.

@Dan Jones .... The Only Way Back Is Essex .... A story which feels like a daydream in that liminal time available in the daily drudge.
Google became my friend in this story.

@Christine Wheelwright .... Metamorphosis .... A story which points to the ultimate definition of living in a liminal time.
Really had to think on this one, and then I didn't even end up posting the story I worked on for three days! It was high on emotion but lacking in creativity. I went with something funnier, since last month I went with a more serious tone. I hope I hit the mark. If not, oh well!
@AnRoinnUltra .... The problem with Interplanetary Rocketship Navigator Obbeldon Grubbeldump .... A story of exploration of the liminal situation between being doomed and being saved.

@Peter V .... Shepherds Warning .... A story of the liminal time between knowing you're going to die and actual death.

@Bren G .... The Divine Astronomy ....
A story of the liminal line between spiritual and physical astronomy.

@therapist .... The Pilgrimage of the Firebird Cult .... A story where the liminal line is the point of no return.

@emrosenagel .... Hair of the Dog .... A story which liminal line brings with it a surprising turn.

@Hugh .... Regrets .... A story which makes the liminal line a place of reflection.

@Lawrence Twiddy .... My Becoming .... A story which reminds us that the liminal line is both ending and beginning.