Tie breaker poll for the 2023 Feb/March 100 word Anonymous challenge

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  • The Blood Diamond Store

    Votes: 8 40.0%
  • Range Anxiety

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • Which is the Better Life

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Venu d'un pays ou il ne pleut pas
Oct 26, 2013
Following a tie at 3 votes each for the following stories we have a second vote which will run until 19:00 GMT on Wednesday the 15th March.
The entries to chose from are:
The Blood Diamond Store

'This diamond is gorgeous! What’s the price?'
'Well, ma’am, sign this contract and it’s free!'
'…What’s the catch?'
'When you sign, a complete stranger dies.'
'Is this legal?'
'And a stranger dies?'
'Well… Thousands die every day. One more won’t make a difference. Where do I sign?'
'Right here… Perfect. Here’s your diamond. And here’s your target. You have ‘til midnight.'
'Wait, what?! I can’t do it myself!'
'We got guns here you can borrow.'
'But I’m not a bloody murderer!'
'You've already signed.'
'I’m not killing anyone.'
'If you don't, you’ll become the next target.'
'Oh dear…'


Range Anxiety

After we saw that Infinity Drives were damaging the fabric of the Universe, it was several years before zero-emission starships were developed. I suffered more than most from the ban, my lover being stationed on Pegasus, ten thousand parsecs away.

Against advice, I volunteered to pilot the first E-Ship and crossed the Central Galactic Wasteland, tormented by range anxiety. Due to the miscalculated effects of time dilation, I reached Pegasus ten million years too late. Still, I am now happily married to a creature that evolved from my beloved. Or from his pet tortoises; I’m not sure which.

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Here is the third tie breaker story.

Which is the Better Life?

Do you regret us leaving the Sky City? She asked.

“Why? It’s nothing but artificial food, recycled air and water. And all your sensations are pre-determined by the VR network. It’s a false life up there. Down here we grow our own food; the air and water are always clean. Nothing like the aches and pains of farm life to make you feel alive. So no, I don’t regret leaving.” He smiled turning back to his work.

Wiping the dirt and sweat from her face and looking at the floating city overhead, she sighed, “I do.”